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ZooMoo is coming to Telstra TV!

Telstra TV ZooMooGood news, for lovers of high-quality, innovative educational programming… the popular TV series/app ZooMoo is coming to Telstra TV!

Kids have grown up a lot since the Golden Age of Children’s Programming. While there will always be a warm spot for counting with The Count, or learning life lessons from Bert & Ernie or Sharon, Lois, and Bram, today’s kids are used to a much richer, more interactive educational learning experience. ZooMoo is tailor made for today’s kids, with a rich blend of inspiring wildlife photography, puppetry, animation, and narration.

What makes ZooMoo so special?

ZooMoo is the first completely interactive network for pre-Kindergarten age toddlers dealing exclusively with wildlife and nature. A lovable cast of characters – including a dog photographer, globetrotting pigs, programmer owls, and a ninja gorilla – ZooMoo educates, while it entertains.

ZooMoo’s app is what makes the program so unique, by creating an immersive multi-screen viewing experience when viewed on Telstra TV. ZooMoo’s app syncs, in real-time, with the programs as they air – making Telstra TV even more essential for lovers of learning of all ages.

ZooMoo has been created in conjunction with leading childhood education experts, focusing specifically on how kids learn best and play. Any burgeoning young nature lover will love ZooMoo TV – and its apps – but is specifically geared towards childreen between the age of three and seven.

To download the app, once you’re signed up for Telstra TV in Melbourne – simply visit the Google Play or Apple App Store and search for ‘ZooMoo’.

Fostering a love of the natural world in children while they’re young can create a lifelong fondness and familiarity with nature and wildlife. It’s a natural step in creating a new generation of conservationists and eco-activists.

Want to get your kids started appreciating the beauty and majesty of this world? Come into to a Telstra Shop in Melbourne today, and let us get you set up with Telstra TV today!

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