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Touch Screen Digitizers Are Transforming the Digital Age

What is a Touch Screen Digitizer?

touch screen digitizer

Touch screen technology has become pervasive in our world.  We find it on our mobile phones, tablet computers, kiosks in the shopping malls, and a variety of other places.

The touch screen digitizer is the component which makes it all possible, but that leads us to a question.  What is a touch screen digitizer?

A touch screen digitizer is the technology which sits atop the graphics display of our phones and other touch screen devices to convert our analog finger movements into digital inputs.

These thin sheets of clear sensors which detect the location, pressure, and type of touch we apply to the screen and then transfer the digital representation of that touch to the operating system.

The operating systems, like the Apple iOS for the iPhone or Android OS, use this data to take the actions you desire.

Multiple Uses and Technologies in Touch Screen Digitizers

There is more than one type of touch-screen digitizer on the market today.  The most commonly seen is the screens found on our phones, but there is another type you see almost every day, but probably ignore.  The touch screens seen in restaurants, checkout counters at stores, and for data entry in factories apply a simpler version of the touch-screen digitizer for use on larger monitors.

These systems only detect a simple tap indicating a menu choice.  They are ideal for placing orders and simple data entry systems, but would be useless for the small fast moving actions needed on phones and PDA’s.

The technology which was revolutionized by Apple is the multi-touch screen digitizer.  What makes it unique is the ability to determine more than a single touch, or a swiping motion of the finger.

This is what allows the iPhone, Android phones, and other Smartphone’s to interpret and use your finger movements for turning pages, adjusting volume, and other items which require more than a simple finger tap.

Single Touch and Multi-Touch Displays

Screen digitizers can be designed for finger touch, stylus use, or a combination of the two.  The use of a stylus allows for finer control but does not increase productivity and user experience.

An important use of a stylus enable touch screen digitizer is in the creation of computers and tablet computers which allow for intricate drawing and painting applications to be developed which respond to the artist with the same precision as using a pencil on paper.

Touch screen digitizer technology is improving with each passing year and has become one of the most important innovations in telephone and computer use in recent years.  This fast advancing technology which includes a wide variety of types of touch sensitivities and precision matrixes brings about an issue in service and repair of touch screen devices.

Phones, PDA’s, and tablet computers which are repaired with non-genuine touch screen parts often do not work as efficiently.  If you have trouble with any of your touch screen enable devices make sure they are only repaired using genuine OEM parts to ensure your device maintains the same quality as before.

Touch screen digitizer technology will continue to advance over the coming years as will the operating systems which power them.  You can expect to see the technology begin to creep into more areas of your home in the upcoming years.

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