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Physical Retailers Are Offering Premium Experiences, To Win Back Customers

Telstra Shops In Melbourne

Flagship Stores Like This Telstra Shop In Melbourne Are Rejuvenating Physical Retail Sales By Offering Boutique Retail Experiences

The Internet and mobile technology have offered us countless thrilling innovations in our daily lives. Need to find your keys? There’s an app for that. Want the latest and best in Asian cinema? You can have that as well.

The one thing that e-Commerce cannot offer us is a fun day on the town; individualized attention, advice, and recommendations in real time; or a sense of community.

In fact, we are starting to see a backlash against e-Commerce, as more and more people are conducting increasing amounts of their daily interactions through a screen. We’re all getting a bit burned out, and need a break. Which we’re starting to see, considering the surprising statistic that, despite years of flagging sales, 85% of consumers prefer to shop in physical retail stores, according to TimeTrade.

Boutique Experiences To Lead Retail Innovations

To take advantage of the changing tides, many stores are upping their game, unleashing brand-new top-of-the-line flagship stores, which will equal parts luxurious retail, clubhouse, and amusement park. Flagship stores, like Telstra’s flagship store in Melbourne, along with other retail leaders like Blackmores and Microsoft, are offering a crazy array of services, to get people in the doors. Free smoothies, in-store baristas, and free health assessments – absolutely anything goes, to make a storefront stand out from generic, shopping mall commerce.
The recent trend in upscale retail, like Telstra shops in Melbourne, will see an integration of “human, digital and tactile experiences,” leading to “next-gen” interactive retailing, according to Blackmores’ Acting Director David Fenlon.

Even Blackmores’ retail spa was inspired by Telstra’s flagship store in Melbourne, which is being billed as more of a laboratory and discovery hub than merely being a shop. Given how often electronics are updated, and how pricey each update can be, physical retail is a great chance to explore the latest products, software, and receive personalized recommendations and service.

You can’t do that online.

Want to check out the latest mobile phones, tablets, and apps? Come into our Telstra shop in Melbourne, and talk with our team of friendly and knowledgeable experts.

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Telstra To Acquire Melbourne’s Kloud Services

Melbourne TelstraTelstra is continuing their bid to become one of Melbourne’s leading media providers with the acquisition of Kloud Solutions, for an estimated $40 million.

Last May, Telstra announced plans to lead the charge in Australia’s technological industry, under the guidance of new chief executive Andrew Penn. Penn proved his commitment to this mission, with the acquisition of the Australian Microsoft subsidiary.

Telstra and Kloud have been working together to bring innovative technological solutions to Australia for years. This is just another step, solidifying the partnership in the process, to bring high-speed, high-quality information and communications technology to Melbourne and the rest of the Sunshine Coast.

Moving Forward Towards The Future

Telstra has expressed hopes that the merger with Kloud will catapult them into the vanguard of information technology.

According to Telstra’s executive director of Global Enterprise and Services Michelle Bendschneider, “We are committed to helping Telstra customers increase agility, lower costs, and increase their competitive advantage. Kloud’s expertise can make it even easier for our customers to transition their workloads and applications to the cloud. Kloud will enhance Telstra’s consulting-led capabilities by expanding our professional and managed services, complementing recent acquisitions such as NSC, O2 Networks, and Bridgepoint.”

This merger follows hot on the heels of a wide array of mergers, as alluded to by Bendschneider. North Shore Connections (NSC) Group is a communications solution and contact centre which Telstra acquired in August 2013; network integration services provider O2 Networks was acquired for roughly AU$60 million in January 2014; while information security, data management, and networking provider Bridgepoint joined the team in October 2014.

Telstra has also acquired a health analytics company, Anywhere Healthcare, in April 2014, and an e-health management system, EOS Technologies, in October 2015.

These are ust some of the steps Telstra is taking to ensure their Melbourne Telstra customers have the latest, most up-to-date technology and services.

If you’d like to see how our lightning fast information services can speed up your life, come into a Telstra dealer in Melbourne today, and let us show you what we’ve got!

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Telstra And NBN To Sign Massive HFC Deal

Telstra Melbourne HFC Deal

Telstra’s Chief Executive Andy Penn is a few weeks away from signing a multi-million dollar deal with NBN to upgrade their networks by February 2016. Photo: Louise Kennerley

Telstra and NBN are poised to sign a record-breaking deal that could be worth as much as $180 billion to help optimize Australia’s cable TV networks.

Telstra and NBN also announced a $280 million budget, over the next four years, to help repair the existing copper phone lines, as well as maintaining Australia’s $56 broadband network, increasing the already lightning-fast speeds of the Telstra network in Melbourne.

The biggest news for Melbourne’s Telstra network is coming in February 2016, however. NBN and Telstra are in the final stages of signing an agreement that will see Telstra designing and project managing the upgrade and expansion of their hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) network.

What The HFC Network Means For Customers:

  • More than 3 million homes already have HFC Network
  • Telstra and NBN will expand on this network
  • Simplifies the switch-over to the NBN Network
  • Allow families and businesses to access broadband networks more quickly
  • Less disruption to the community
  • Less cost for the taxpayers

Two Other Companies Stand To Benefit:

Service Stream and BSA Limited have also been granted “operate and maintain” contracts, which could potentially be worth as much as $160 million over the next four years. All in all, over $500 million in contracts were signed in this momentous meeting.

This is all to prepare for the ongoing NBN rollout, over the next three years.

Telstra made a comment to the Australia Security Exchange, in regards to the merger. “”The first contract over three years involves fixing faults on the copper network and undertaking a small number of new connections for services that are yet to transfer to the NBN,” Telstra said.

As far as what’s in store for the future? “”Telstra and NBN will negotiate to finalise a contract covering the design, engineering and construction management of the [national broadband network] in the HFC footprint covered by the existing Telstra HFC network,” Telstra said. “The contract is expected to be completed early in 2016.”
Are you ready for the NBN? Come in to a Telstra Dealer in Melbourne today, and find out about available plans and pricing!

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