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Telstra And TPG Are Australia’s Leading Broadband Wholesalers!

Telstra NBNTelstra have been committed to developing Australia’s information network infrastructure for years. Telstra’s efforts have been paying off, as a market report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has recently reported.

According to the ACCC’s report, Telstra has picked up the widest berth of the National Broadcast Network’s wholesale services, throughout Australia, while TPG has been targeting the high-speed Internet market, servicing customers seeking download speeds of 50 Mb/s or more.

Although many other providers are also offering NBN wholesale services, but have barely met the 5% reporting threshold of satellite and wireless services.

The ACCC have reported NBN Co as supplying wholesale access services to 941,325 consumers, as of the end of March, and has committed to delivering 1,004 GB/s in network capacity.

Considering the burgeoning state of the NBN infrastructure, these emerging figures offer a unique insight into what Australia’s information infrastructure might look like, once the NBN has completed its goals.

According to the commissioner of the Australian Competition And Consumer Commission Cristina Cifuentes, “This new report will help the continued development of competitive NBN markets that benefit broadband consumers. In particular, providing information on the state of the market will help service providers in the NBN environment make informed planning decisions so that they are better placed to tailor their services and products to what consumers want.”

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Telstra Expands Program To Help Victims Of Domestic Violence Stay Connected Safely

Telstra Shop MelbourneOn March 17, 2016, Telstra announced its partnership with Federal Government and Women’s Services Network (WESNET), expanding the Safe Connections program, which will provide up to 20,000 survivors of domestic violence.

The program received enthusiastic accolades from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for their participation in the Women’s Safety Package.

Speaking on the new program, Telstra CEO Andrew Penn said, “I am a technology optimist and that is why I am so proud Telstra is part of the Safe Connections program. Safe Connections is about empowering women impacted by domestic violence and we know first-hand from our partnership with WESNET that this program makes a real difference. Technology, especially a mobile phone, is now a major part of everyday life.
It is vitally important anyone in a domestic violence situation has access to safe, secure communications so they can stay connected with family and friends at a time when they need to most. It is also critical women are aware telephone, surveillance and computer technologies are increasingly being used to monitor and harass victims and what to do about it.”

In addition to the smartphones, the recipients will also receive special training on how to control the security and privacy settings. There will also be special training on how to gather court evidence, using smartphones.

‘Safe Connections’ is the newest initiative under the ‘Everyone Connected’ program, geared towards addressing the communication needs of disadvantaged Australians.

Programs like ‘Safe Connections’ are essential towards making the best of technology, while diminishing the harm as much as possible.

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Telstra Is Leading The Mobile Upgrade For MCG For 2016 AFL Season

Telstra Melbourne Every year, millions of sport fans pack the Melbourne Cricket Ground, to fill the iconic 100,000-capacity venue. This is great for fans looking for the electricity of a live crowd, but less great for mobile reception.

Telstra is doing their bit to correct this conundrum, leading the charge to upgrade the mobile 3G and 4G networks, making the Melbourne Cricket Ground the most connected sporting arena in the Southern Hemisphere.

For the 2016 AFL Season, instead of dealing with endless buffering, dropped data, and missed phone calls, sports fans will be able to use their mobile inside MCG, and the surrounding car park, just like the rest of the Telstra network.

Whether you’re hoping to catch the season opening, The Boxing Day Test Match, or Grand Final Day, Telstra customers will be able to browse, tweet, text, and call with crystal clarity, to augment their viewing pleasure. Users will be able to access exclusive content, via the AFL Live Pass.

This mobile upgrade positions MCG to be ready for the next generation of mobile-enhanced viewing experience, like the LTE-Broadcast. The LTE-Broadcast will feature dedicated video streaming, including HD, multi-camera feeds of the match.

The Telstra-led mobile upgrade is the fruition of a two year project, which required a cutting-edge design to make use of MCG’s core infrastructure, and adding an incredible amount of new technology to accommodate 100,000 cricket fans. 430 antennas have been strategically placed around the venue, which are connected via over 33 km of cables, and 132 transmitters to deliver the widest array of carrier frequencies in the Southern Hemisphere.

This upgrade is another example of Telstra’s mission to provide its customers with the best AFL experience imaginable.

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Things To Do In March In Melbourne

Telstra Melbourne MarchSummer might be over officially in Australia, but March is when things really start to heat up in Melbourne! It’s no wonder they call it Mad March in Melbourne.

Here’s a list of some things to see and do around Melbourne this month. There’s something amazing happening almost every weekend, for you to check out, snap some photos, and share them with your friends and family via some of the thousands of free Wi-Fi hotspots offered by Telstra throughout Melbourne.

Things To Do In Melbourne In March

  1. Melbourne International Comedy Festival: It’s time to get your laugh on, starting the last weekend of March, with the 30th annual Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The MICF has risen from its humble origins of 30 small venues, in and around Melbourne, to being on of the largest comedy festivals in the world. It’s happening right in your backyard, so don’t miss out!
  2. Melbourne Food And Wine Festival: Come enjoy the finer things in life, with one of the world’s longest running culinary festivals. Come get a deep, insider’s look at Melbourne’s foody culture, with numerous expos featuring some of the city’s finest vineyards; fermented treats; cheeses; desserts, and chefs from all over the world, in a variety of beautiful and inspiring locations. Some of the tickets are selling very fast, so think fast!
  3. Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival: Speaking of the finer things in life, the 20th edition of the VAMFF festival covers the rest of the bases, with music and fashion. A number of premium, as well as regular, runway shows, from some of the fashion industry’s top publications and most recognizable brands, including L’oreal, Estee Lauder, and Vogue, will be showcasing brand new fashion lines. The summer may be ending, but the fashion is sure to be hot, at the 20th anniversary VAMFF, and not to be missed. A number of these runway shows have already sold out, so think fast, lest ye be stuck wearing last year’s fashion!
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Telstra Turns On Free Wi-Fi Across Tasmania

Melbourne TelstraTelstra have been actively engaged in upgrading the Australian information infrastructure, not only in Melbourne, but all across Australia. Now they’re shifting their sites overseas, to Tasmania, rolling out a series of Wi-Fi hotspots, in cooperation with the Tasmanian government.

Head of Telstra Wi-Fi Neil Louis has claimed that Telstra will provide free Wi-Fi to locals and tourists at some of Tasmania’s most iconic locations.

According to Louis, “This partnership involves rolling out more than 150 Wi-Fi hotspots across 47 locations in Tasmania. This will deliver Wi-Fi coverage to places like Cradle Mountain and Launceston Airport as well as commercial precincts including the Seaport precinct in Launceston and Elizabeth St. Waterfront in Hobart.”

There won’t be any data restrictions, either, with limits being placed, instead, on devices. Each individual can use a wi-fi hotspot for up to half-an-hour a day, per device. Likewise, individuals with a home data plan can use their home data allowance at public hotspots, with no time limits.

The motivations behind the program extend beyond the financial, helping the Tasmanian culture in a variety of ways.

“The availability of Wi-Fi means locals and tourists can connect and share experiences online as well as allowing businesses to benefit by attracting and retaining visitors to their locations,” Mr Louis said.

This program follows in the footsteps of Telstra Air, Australia’s most popular Wi-Fi network, which allows millions of Australians to use their broadband account at thousands of hotspots across Australia, as well as overseas.

Telstra is partnering with retailers and city councils to bring Telstra Air and fast, reliable Wi-Fi to community spaces all across Australia.

To login, users can look for the Tasmania Free Wi-Fi signs in the parks and throughout the city. Telstra customers can find out more about Telstra Air at:

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