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Telstra Is Leading The Mobile Upgrade For MCG For 2016 AFL Season

Telstra Melbourne Every year, millions of sport fans pack the Melbourne Cricket Ground, to fill the iconic 100,000-capacity venue. This is great for fans looking for the electricity of a live crowd, but less great for mobile reception.

Telstra is doing their bit to correct this conundrum, leading the charge to upgrade the mobile 3G and 4G networks, making the Melbourne Cricket Ground the most connected sporting arena in the Southern Hemisphere.

For the 2016 AFL Season, instead of dealing with endless buffering, dropped data, and missed phone calls, sports fans will be able to use their mobile inside MCG, and the surrounding car park, just like the rest of the Telstra network.

Whether you’re hoping to catch the season opening, The Boxing Day Test Match, or Grand Final Day, Telstra customers will be able to browse, tweet, text, and call with crystal clarity, to augment their viewing pleasure. Users will be able to access exclusive content, via the AFL Live Pass.

This mobile upgrade positions MCG to be ready for the next generation of mobile-enhanced viewing experience, like the LTE-Broadcast. The LTE-Broadcast will feature dedicated video streaming, including HD, multi-camera feeds of the match.

The Telstra-led mobile upgrade is the fruition of a two year project, which required a cutting-edge design to make use of MCG’s core infrastructure, and adding an incredible amount of new technology to accommodate 100,000 cricket fans. 430 antennas have been strategically placed around the venue, which are connected via over 33 km of cables, and 132 transmitters to deliver the widest array of carrier frequencies in the Southern Hemisphere.

This upgrade is another example of Telstra’s mission to provide its customers with the best AFL experience imaginable.

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