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5 Tips to Protect Your Mobile Phone Screen

5 Tips to Protect Your Mobile Phone Screen

When you realise you’ve dropped your smartphone, the panic is nothing compared to the feeling of dread you experience when you realise your display was smashed or cracked. With most of us being so attached to our mobile device, it can feel like we’re missing a limb when we’re without it. That being said, it’s definitely safe to assume that reducing the risk of mobile phone repairs due to a damaged screen would be quite high on mobile user’s list.

Try One of These 5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Mobile Phone Screen

  1. Buy a Mobile Phone Case

Buying a case sounds simple, but the problem is, you either like cases or you hate them. While it’s nice to look at your sparkly new Rose-colored iPhone 6, using it without a good case could cost you your new iPhone pretty fast. You can find some simple cases without breaking the bank, and ones that provide a basic amount of protection in case of an unexpected drop. You can also find cases that will protect your phone from water damage, which is highly recommended.

  1. Learn to Store Your Phone Properly

Treat your mobile device with the respect it deserves. When you’re not using your cell phone, don’t keep it in your pocket, in the same pocket as your keys, or in a place it can easily get knocked around. Put it somewhere safe so you don’t increase the chances of it getting smashed or broken.

  1. Keep Your Mobile Far Away from Water and Wet Surfaces

Water and mobile phones do not mix well together and even a quick dip in the sink, the pool or a toilet bowl could end your phone’s life fairly quickly. Be mindful of where you use your phone. Do not leave your mobile in your back pocket when you use the bathroom because you may flip it out of your pocket and drop it in the water.

  1. Buy a Screen Protector

Once upon a time looking through a display guard at your screen was like looking at the viewpoint on a high speed train whose windows hadn’t been cleaned in a month. Now, you can buy screen protectors that provide great protection without jeopardizing your phone’s performance and look.

  1. Consider Buying Insurance

If you are generally hard on your phone, you may want to consider getting phone insurance. Take the time to understand the terms and conditions before buying though since some plans have restrictions on damage and what their plan will actually cover.

If you’re looking for phone screen repair in Melbourne, please visit our mobile phone repairs page to book an appointment for your phone today.

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