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Important Smarphone Features: What You Should Look For

Important Smarphone Features: What You Should Look For

When it comes to modern smartphones, we’re spoiled for options. While some features provide clear advantages, knowing what to prioritize can be difficult. Furthermore, some aspects of smartphones are tradeoffs, and users need to find the right balance. Here are a few tips for comparing smartphones and finding the right one for your needs.

Choosing the Right Screen Size

The most obvious factor that differentiates smartphones is their screen sizes, and it’s a factor that requires considerable thought. For people who regularly use their smartphones for browsing the web and watching videos, large screens have an obvious advantage. Large screens are also great for people who enjoy gaming, and they can make it easier to read text and view images. Large screen sizes tend to be more expensive than phones with small screen sizes, but there are large devices at nearly all price points.

Small screens have some advantages as well, the primary one being that they’re easier to grip. Some people prefer phones that are easy to use with one hand, so if portability is important, try to see how much area your thumb can reach while you’re holding the phone. Small phones are easier to stow away as well, and they’re lighter to hold. When it comes to choosing a screen size, it’s worth spending some time trying out devices in a store. If that’s not an option, ask friends to try out their phones to get a feel for varying screen sizes.

Battery Life

Battery technology has improved dramatically over the years, and modern devices can provide more than a day of operation with mild use. For people who use their smartphones more often, especially those who watch videos and play games, battery life can drop significantly over time. Devices with more battery life tend to be more expensive, but a few extra hours of battery life can be a great investment.

Another feature worth considering is devices with replaceable batteries. Many batteries are simple to replace, letting you refresh your phone in a few seconds by swapping out your batteries. Some devices, including many high-end devices, have sealed batteries that aren’t easy to swap out. Replacement batteries are also great for people who spend time away from electrical outlets. If you’re a fan of camping, for example, it might be worth purchasing a device and a few extra batteries you can charge up before heading out.

Screen Resolution

Today’s smartphones have far higher resolutions compared to early models, and even low-resolution devices provide a clear image. Devices with higher resolutions still have some clear advantages. Video looks even smoother with high-resolution screens, and photographers might notice small differences unnoticeable on lower-resolution phones. Furthermore, higher resolutions provide smoother text rendering, and they can be great for games. If you plan on using your phone as a virtual reality device, a high resolution is essential.

The main drawback of higher resolutions is battery life; higher resolutions have more pixels to render, and these pixels consume more battery power. Furthermore, higher resolutions are more demanding in games, and those looking for high frame rates might prefer devices that run at a slightly lower resolution. Fortunately, even devices with relatively low resolutions still provide better clarity than most laptops and televisions, so consider if a premium high-resolution screen is worth the extra expense.

Navigation Features

Smartphones are great devices for navigation, whether you navigate by car, by bike, or on foot. Today’s devices almost always support robust navigation capabilities, letting you take advantage of both included and third-party navigation apps. However, not all devices connect to the same satellites. GPS support almost always included support for the United States constellation of satellites, but support for GLONASS, Russia’s equivalent, can provide better resolution and faster connections. Galileo, a constellation supported by European nations, can provide better connectivity as well.

GPS connectivity is critical for navigation, but there are other tools that help as well. Integrated compass support helps navigation apps respond more promptly, leading to smoother performance. Accelerometers in smartphones also help pick up on turns more quickly for better interaction. If you’re going to use your smartphone for navigating regularly, especially if you navigate on foot often, it’s worth seeing if these hardware features are supported.

Software Updates

Apple devices have relatively reliable update schedules, so find out how long your Apple device will be supported before making a purchase, especially if you’re picking up a used device. Also note that Apple devices sometimes degrade in terms of performance as updates are released, so it may be worth spending a bit extra for a newer device.

Android devices are a bit more complex, as both manufacturers and plan providers offer varying support timelines. Find out how often security updates will be provided to ensure your device stays safe for as long as you plan on using it. If certain features of a new version of Android seem appealing, consider checking out if support will come to your device.

The Right Interface

Smartphone interfaces can vary dramatically. In fact, Apple’s smartphone interface is at the core of why iPhone fans often stick with Apple devices. The iPhone provides an intuitive design that doesn’t change dramatically between versions. If you haven’t yet purchased a smartphone, make sure you give an iPhone a shot when comparing devices.

Google’s Android interface offers a clean look that’s easy to customize, and its familiarity for users makes it a must-have part of any smartphone they buy. Some manufacturers, however, provide their own takes on the Android interface, including Samsung. When comparing Android phones, take some time to explore custom interfaces to find out if there’s one you prefer to Android’s default interface. While hardware elements are important on smartphones, the interface is what you’ll interact with most of the time.

Worldwide Connectivity

Over the years, smartphones have come to support more and more mobile network infrastructure, and it’s now easier to find devices that work across the planet. However, people who travel to specific regions frequently should investigate if devices they’re comparing work well on the latest mobile infrastructure. LTE connectivity offers far greater connection speeds than other connection types, and some countries deprecate older equipment faster than others. Check out if legacy connections will be available in foreign nations you visit.

Another feature worth considering is dual-SIM support. Phones that support two SIM devices are easier to move between countries, and they allow you to keep your familiar phone interface even while crossing borders. Phones with two SIM slots often provide superior connection options to those with a single SIM slot, but it’s still worth investigating before settling on a single device.

Even people who don’t consider themselves tech-savvy regularly use smartphones. They help us stay connected, and they’re great for relieving stress or boredom while waiting. The right device can serve you well for years to come, but choosing one you aren’t happy with might have you wanting to upgrade in a short period of time. Take your time when comparing devices, and try out devices in person if they’re available at a store. By making a list of priorities and narrowing down devices based on the features you value most highly, you can ensure that your chosen phone is one you’ll enjoy for years to come. Visit your local Samsung Melbourne store to shop around and compare smartphones and their features.


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Why You Need a Samsung Smart Phone

Why You Need a Samsung Smart Phone

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has been out on the market for almost two months. At this point, loyal Samsung users have already gravitated to the new device, and those that were a little Samsung curious have been waiting on reviews and reports before making the switch.

With the Galaxy 8 release, now is a perfect time to make a move to a Samsung smartphone. While there are obviously many different options on the market today, and different things needs and wants to consider when purchasing a smartphone, chances are you’ll find all of them in the Galaxy 8. Samsung has covered all their bases.

If you are still on the fence about moving to a Samsung device, let’s look at a few reasons why Samsung should be your next choice in a smart phone.

The display is better than ever

The screen size on the Samsung Galaxy is larger than ever before and packs a ratio of screen to phone hardware that can’t be beat. The screen ration is 18.5:9 as opposed to the normal 16:9, which is where the older Samsung Galaxy phones measured. This means you get more physical screen and less phone casing, which is helpful to those of us that want a larger screen, but don’t have big enough hands to palm the device.

Rear camera

Remember when you had to lug around a separate camera to take pictures instead of just using your phone? While those days are long gone, Samsung has been a little lax in creating a rear facing camera that provides a punch like the iPhone.

This particular rear camera carries 12mega pixels, with a f/1.7 aperture (which pulls in as much light as possible). This means that even pictures in low lighting situations will be amazing. Samsung also added the ability for multi frame capturing, and will quickly snap three photos in a row. Samsung added in a sharpness process to take away blurry faces for good.

Front camera

Not to be outdone by the rear camera, its brother, the front camera, is pretty dang powerful as well. This camera boasts a total of 8 mega pixels, and that f/1.7 aperture. This camera auto focuses on objects, so your selfie game will consistently be on point.

The cameras work with the same technology that Google uses – taking three pictures in rapid succession, identifying the best picture, and then reducing the “noise” around the image before presenting it to you, the end user.

Fingerprint recognition and iris detection

Since the screen is so huge on the Samsung Galaxy, there was no room to put a fingerprint sensor on the front. Instead, Samsung moved the sensor next to the camera, on the back of the phone.

Samsung has also added in the additional protection of an iris recognition scanner – AND improved the response time. That’s right – you can unlock your phone just by staring at it, and don’t have to worry about placing your fingerprint exactly in the right position over the sensor.

A pretty awesome home button

While the display screen is huge, and the fingerprint sensor had to take up residence on the back of the phone, there isn’t room for a home button, right? Not so. They’ve built the home button INTO the screen. Touch the display, and you’ll feel a small vibration, letting you know that you’ve reached the home button.

It’s placed perfectly, where you won’t have to search far for it, and works without any issues.

The shape and feel is perfect for any hand

Samsung has been making a name for themselves in the design of their smart phones. The Galaxy 8 is no exception to this rule. The screen curves to meet the back of the phone, while the back bends to meet the front – meaning that the feel of the phone in any size hand is fantastic. It fits snuggly, and doesn’t feel like it would be easy to drop with one wrong move.

The curves of the screen also make the phone look pretty cool, which never hurts.

Bixby automation

We all know about Siri, but what about Bixby? While Bixby won’t be available all over for a few months, the intelligent search, which is Samsung’s answer to Siri, Bixby is going to change intelligence systems for the better. When you press the Bixby button, you can talk to the search system without any keyword usage, just talk like you normally would.

You can also use Bixby through text AND through pictures. When you snap a picture in “Bixby Vision”, Bixby looks at your surroundings and analyses what you’d like to search. This is amazing technology that not only serves a purpose, but it is also pretty fun to use!

HDR Display

One more thing about the display of the Galaxy 8 – it is the first mobile phone to have the HDR Premium logo approved. The colors are more vibrant than on any other mobile device, and because the phone is mostly screen, playing videos on this device feels less like a phone and more like a laptop.

No more watching Netflix on a tiny screen with a low-quality picture – the Galaxy 8 won’t settle for mediocrity.

Turn your phone into a laptop

We’re serious. There is a docking station, called DeX, which will allow you to turn you Galaxy into a desktop PC. Who doesn’t want the ability to have all of your information on your phone at any given moment, but the option to plug into a larger display when you’re working?

This docking station makes the Galaxy 8 basically like a chrome book, but without lugging an actual computer around.

Memory space

Don’t worry about running out of memory. While many phones run low on memory, especially if you are an avid video and picture taker, the Galaxy 8 won’t.

There are different storage options available so even the most powerful of users won’t run out of space on their phone. And, like always, you can add in a micro SD card with an additional 200GB, ensuring that your videos and pictures will never leave the palm of your hand.

It is waterproof

And not just “splash some water on it and it’ll be fine”, this baby can be completely submerged in water and will come away unscathed. You don’t have to worry about a case or protective covering to keep your phone from water damage – Samsung has made this design waterproof in up to five meters of water for 30 minutes.

Longer battery life

While a water damaged phone is obviously far worse than losing battery power, having a phone blink that “low battery” warning can be incredibly obnoxious. Samsung has improved the battery life on their new phone by giving the power to use the phone all day, without fear of running out of battery.

The operating system even drains less battery, so you never have to worry about background applications sucking up the juice.

Charge your phone wirelessly

This is probably the coolest feature of the Samsung Galaxy. Wireless charging. You read that right – you never have to plug your phone into a charger again. Just place it on the charging pad and your battery will instantly start to charge up, allowing you to stay free of cords and plugs – and giving you the freedom to charge your phone virtually anywhere you want!


As Samsung makes its way into the forefront of the smart phone game, it’s important to consider all options before making your next purchase. Hopefully, this guide has provided a few reasons on why choosing a Samsung Galaxy is a great choice for your next smart phone, and will help you compare your options.

While not all phones are created equal, Samsung has outdone themselves with the Galaxy 8, and here at TWorld ICT, we are looking forward to being your number one choice for purchasing a Samsung in Melbourne.

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My Samsung J7 Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi – Why?

My Samsung J7 Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi – Why?

We all know that data costs can end up being a lot more than we want them to be and, because of that, we will often hook up to Wi-Fi on our cell phones because it’s just easier and can save us a lot of cash. That being said, there have been a couple of issues with the Samsung J7 related to getting connected with Wi-Fi. What are you supposed to do if your device doesn’t hook up to it? What are you supposed to do then?

First off, you want to make sure that the Wi-Fi is enabled and ready to go. You can find this in your mobile data settings and make sure that everything is connected as it should be. If you’re having an issue with it, you will find that it isn’t even marked as it should be. It may seem like a strange thing to mention, but many people have noticed that this setting is not on when they want to use Wi-Fi in any manner.

There is also another setting that you want to watch out for when you are looking at this area of your settings. One of the settings actually makes it so that your device will start using your mobile data if the wi-fi “isn’t strong enough” (and that can vary based on your device, where you’re located, and other similar issues). At that point, you want to make sure that you’re doing what you can to correct that and to make sure that you aren’t using your mobile data in those cases.

If this doesn’t seem to be the problem, look at the external things that could be going on with this. You also want to make sure that the internet in your location is actually working. While this can be hard to determine if you’re in a public area, you may be able to ask around and see if other people are having the same problem, then go to management to see if they can correct the issue at hand. If you’re at a private residence, you can go ahead and reset your router to make sure that everything is working as it should be and that you’re getting internet to your home in the first place.

If these don’t work, then there may be something wrong internally, which can cause a lot of issues for you in the long run as well. You may want to get it looked at and see if the wireless adapter and other such things are set up the way that they need to be and that they aren’t broken in any manner. Are you having other problems with your Samsung device? Then you may want to get some help from TWorld ICT (found at We can help you to sort out everything that you may need to explore and we can get your phone working the way that it should be again.

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The Gear VR and the Samsung S5

The Gear VR and the Samsung S5

Virtual reality is one of those things that many people have gotten very interested in over the past few years. The technology is more accessible than ever and, because of that, there are a lot of different ways which you can try it out. The Gear VR is a device that was put together with the express purpose of allowing people to experience virtual reality with their mobile devices. At this point in time, the Gear VR is only compatible with certain devices.

This can be a problem for those who still have devices from the previous generation. For example, there are still a number of users who are using one of the many Samsung S5 models that are out on the market. This is because the phones are still some of the best out there and many people still get a lot of life out of them. But, because of the way that the Gear VR is currently set up, only the newest models have it available at the time of writing this blog.

So, what are you supposed to do if you find that this is a problem that you may be encountering on a regular basis? You could upgrade your phone, of course. The most recent Samsung Galaxy S7 models have all of the capabilities necessary to ensure that you can utilize the Gear VR in your own way. While you may not want to upgrade, you may have to if using something like the Gear VR is important to you.

You may also be at a point where you want to wait as well. The fact of the matter is, the Gear VR is always adapting and they are working to make sure that it is compatible with as many devices as possible. Because of that, it may eventually become compatible with the S5 and other older models of the mobile devices. This could be very advantageous to them, because it makes it that much more likely that they are going to be able to sell the Gear VR to more people, thus expanding their base.

There are other models that work with the Samsung Galaxy S5, however. Some of the newer models have the capability to give you that experience that you can only get via a VR device. That being said, if you take a look at the phones and plans that we have to offer at, you will be able to find a wide array of possibilities. Contact us today or visit a store to see what you can get your hands on for an affordable price.

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Are Samsung Galaxy Devices Waterproof?

Are Samsung Galaxy Devices Waterproof?

When you are looking for the next device that you want to invest in, you are likely trying to figure out what sorts of features that you want to get. That being said, if you are someone that travels a lot and you take your device pretty much everywhere, then you are likely trying to find something that is a little more durable. Can you find Samsung Galaxy devices that are waterproof or water resistant? The good news is, some of the more advanced models have at least a little bit of water resistance as a part of what they have to offer.

When you buy the “budget” options for the Samsung Galaxy, which includes the Samsung Galaxy j5, you will find that they have nothing that helps it against liquid. There are a lot of different problems that may come along if you get any liquid damage or you may get water that may get stuck in certain areas. If this is a problem that comes up with any of your devices, make sure that you contact us using the information at so that we can take care of it for you.

However, there are some models, including the Samsung Galaxy S5, the S7, and the S7 Edge, that have something that is known as IP68 certification. What does this mean? Basically, that the phone is water resistant to a depth of 4.5 feet (1.5 meters) and it can stay at that depth for approximately 30 minutes with little to no damage sustained. While the models that offer this protection may cost a little bit more, it’s well worth it for those who may be working around liquids or that may go near water as recreation. The price difference could end up saving you money because you may not have to replace your device after an incident with liquid.

There are some alternatives that you can consider with this as well. For example, there are cases and other protective devices that you can get in order to make the device waterproof or more water resistant. While some of these options are definitely better than others, you will find that they are worth looking into and finding a solution that makes sense for what you may need.

If you are looking for a waterproof mobile device and you want to make sure that it has anything and everything that you could need when it comes to your needs, you can check out the selection that is at our website. We can help you to choose the best options for your particular wants and we can help you to see what could be helpful in the future. Our staff will help you to find whatever it is that you may need to get a waterproof device that makes sense for your budget and your lifestyle.

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