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Apple Might Be Switching To New Curved AMOLED Screen For Next iPhone

iPhone 5 repairs melbourneAlthough the iPhone SE is still the talk of the town, as Apple’s newest release, we can’t help but wonder what the tech giant has up their sleeve next.

A note from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo provides a slight hint what might be in store for the iPhone 7. According to Kuo, Apple might be going with a curved glass front for the iPhone 7, with metal sides and thinner bezels for a more comfortable grip.

In even bigger news, the iPhone 7 might switch to a new AMOLED screen, instead of the familiar LCD display. AMOLED displays can be much more energy efficient than LCDs, which could be good news for our battery lives, or allow for the possibility of more powerful components. AMOLED screens can be lighter and more flexible than LCDs, as well, further reinforcing the curved design rumors.

The only uncertainty is whether or not the manufacturer will be able to meet the demands. If they can, Apple might upgrade to a 5.8″ display, upgrading from the current 5.5″. Otherwise, the AMOLED screens might be available as an upgrade.

These are just some of the possible upgrades and amendments slated for the iPhone 7. There is some speculation that the iPhone 7 will accomodate wireless charging, although it remains to be seen if Apple will choose a proprietary solution, or work with existing wireless charging technologies, such as PMA, Rezence, and Qi. There is also some talk of facial recognition software and iris scanning, to offer another security level, in addition to the fingerprint touch scan.

The iPhone 7 is shaping up to be one of the most extreme updates yet!

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What We Know About The iPhone 5E

Iphone 5 repair MelbourneUnsurprisingly, Apple has been dropping most of its resources into the iPhone 6S and 6S+, following the success of the two iPhone 5 upgrades, the iPhone 5S and 5C.

The mobile technology monolith has not yet abandoned the popular iPhone 5, apparently, as the Internet has been abuzz with ruzors of the as-yet-unannounced iPhone 5 variant, the iPhone 5E.

Despite Apple’s reluctance towards launching a “phablet”, the iPhone’s have been gradually increasing in size, with each successive generation. Of course, not everybody wants a big phone, leading to the speculation that the iPhone 5E will be a slim, trim 4″.

Little is known, definitely, about the new iPhone 5 variant. Even the name is still uncertain, with some speculating it will be released as the iPhone 5se. If this is true, this will be the first iPhone with two letters after its name.

Specifications Speculations:
  • RAM: Sourches predict the iPhone 5E (or iPhone 5se) will featyre 1GB of RAM DDR3, making it identical to the iPhone 6.
  • Storage: The new iPhone 5 should come with at least 16GB. However, little is known about its maximum storage capacity. A 128GB variant is unlikely, but a 64GB variant of the iPhone 5 isn’t hard to imagine. Most likely, Apple will only feature 16GB and 64GB model, similar to the iPhone 6.
  • Camera: Most likely, the iPhone 5E will feature the rear-facing 8Mp and 1.2Mp front facing cameras that the iPhone 6 has
  • Battery: Some Chinese manufacturers are reporting a 1642mAh battery, which would make it slightly smaller than the iPhone 6, which has 1810mAh, and the iPhone 6s, which comes with a 1715mAh battery, but larger than the iPhone 5c, with a sparse 1510mAh.
  • Connectivity: The iPhone 5E is expected to come with a NFC chip, Bluetooth 4.2 and, here’s hoping, the enhanced 802.11ac WiFi chip that comes with the iPhone 6s.
  • Design: The iPhone 5E’s design is expected to be identical to the iPhone 6.
  • Colours: The iPhone 5E is anticipated to be released in exactly the same colours as the iPhone 6s: Gold, Silver, Space Gray, and Rose Gold. Recent reports have also suggested that there will be Hot Pink and Bright Pink variants, as well.
  • Other features: It remains to be seen if the iPhone 5E will include the Touch ID, but it seems likely, for now, that it will be included.

That’s about all that we know, for now.

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