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Some iPhone 6 & 6s Could Have A Blurry Camera, According To Apple

iPhone 6 repair MelbourneHave you been having trouble getting clear, sharp photos with your iPhone 6? Were you starting to wonder if your eyes were out of focus, or even contemplating taking your iPhone 6 for repair? There might not be anything wrong with you, but rather your phone.

Apple has reported that a “very small percentage” of the first wave of their popular iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s were issued with a defective camera, that will only take blurry photographs. Seeing as how Apple has been billing the iPhone 6’s photo capability as one of its main selling points, this is likely to raise some concern.

No need to worry, however, as Apple has offered to replace the defective camera on all affected devices.

The Details

Apple has released a tool on their website, where customers can input their serial number and determine if their phone is one of the defective batch. Most of the faulty devices were bought between September of last year and January of 2015. Considering that many of Apple’s diehard, devoted fans frequently rush right out to buy the newest device, a lot of people could still potentially be carrying around a blurry camera.

In the case that your phone has one of the blurry cameras, there is also a tool on Apple’s website where you can check your serial number, that can help you find a qualified iPhone 6 repair shop in Melbourne.

Seeing as how ¾ of Apple’s sales come from iPhone 6 and 6s’, they have every incentive to resolve this matter with as little hassle for the customer as possible.

If you suspect your phone has a defective camera, or even if you need something basic like iPhone screen repairs in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to come in and talk to one of our professionals today!


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The Most Common Mobile Phone Repairs

Mobile Phone Repair Melbourne
Have you dropped your iPad in the mashed potatoes? Chipped your Android’s edges? Living with a screen covered in spiderweb cracks, ready to break apart into an ice storm of broken glass at any moment? Any of these things could leave you looking for mobile phone repairs in Melbourne.

Don’t feel bad. You are not alone.
In fact, 21.7% of people are using mobile devices with cracked screens, according to this recent survey. Many people just let it go, not realizing that a cracked screen can lead to difficulties with the phone’s inner workings later on.


The Most Common Types Of Mobile Phone Repairs:

Cracked Screen 21.7%
Battery Repairs 16.1%
Won’t Charge 9.7%
Broken Buttons 6.3%
Sound Problems 6.3%


Reasons People Avoid Mobile Phone Repairs:


  • Too Busy
  • Think Repairs Will Be Expensive
  • Don’t Know Where To Find Phone Repairs In Melbourne
  • Don’t Know Who To Trust
  • Think It Would Be Cheaper To Just Buy A New Phone Or Tablet
  • Embarrassed

When we look at it like this, we realize how unreasonable so many of the reasons we have for not fixing our phones just don’t make sense. Like the notion, “I don’t have time to find screen repair in Melbourne.” If moisture gets inside the phone case, the whole device could shut down, and then you could be left without a phone for days, up to a week or even longer.

Could you live without your phone for a week?

The numbers just don’t make sense, when you think of the buying a brand new iPhone 6 versus fixing a chipped screen. A great majority of mobile phone repairs are relatively cheap, and can be done that day.
Considering the fact that the cell phone repair industry is growing by $1 billion USD each year, there’s no need to feel embarrassed when you run your Samsung Galaxy over with a golf cart. We’ve all been there.

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