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Melbourne Mobile Phone Recycling Center Available Now

Phone Recycling Programs Offer Environmental Benefits in Melbourne

cell phone garbage - recycle instead

TWorld ICT is proud to offer a phone recycling program to aid in reducing e-waste from damaging our environment and filling our landfills.  Australians have become very efficient in recycling a wide variety of items including aluminum cans, plastic containers, and paper, but electronic waste continues to be an ever growing problem.

Mobile phones are upgraded or replaced every one or two years and with families increasing the number of phones they own every year the problem is escalating.

Even the small batteries which power our mobile phones are becoming a large problem.

The batteries contain the highest toxicity and danger of any component in the phone and are also the item most commonly replaced and discarded.  TWorld ICT now offers recycling for both mobile phones and batteries.

The team a TWorld ICT would like to offer a little advice before you bring your phone to them for recycling.  Here are a few items you should do before your recycle your phone:

  • Erase all personal data including photographs, addresses, messages, or other data.
  • Reset the phone to factory defaults.
  • If your phone uses a SIM card, remove the SIM and keep it.
  • Turn off the power.

These steps are crucial to safeguard your personal information.

What Happens to Phones Which Are Recycled?

A concern expressed by many environmentally conscious individuals is what actually happens to the phone.  You may be surprise to discover a high percentage of the phones are recycled for use in other countries or by charitable organizations.

When the phone cannot be reused it is disposed of in environmentally friendly methods eliminating the release of toxic waste into landfills or our natural environment.

Many components of the phones can actually be recycled and used in the creation of new products.  Plastic portions of phones are introduced into plastic recycling systems; batteries enter into recycling programs for batteries, and so on.

Why Does TWorld ICT Offer Phone and Battery Recycling Programs?

TWorld ICT is one of the largest phone retailers and repair centers for phones from Apple, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, and others.  With the large volume of phones coming in for repairs and phones being replaced it became apparent there was a growing demand in Melbourne for proper phone disposal, which started right in their own offices.

Since they had the need to recycle phones for their own purposes it made sense to offer the service to their clients and the public.  They have the systems in place, the expertise, and the contacts to properly deal with the phones, where most people do not.

One thing you may wish to keep in mind.  Many times people prepare to recycle or dispose of a phone due to physical or water damage.  The team at TWorld ICT wants you to know 95% of all water damaged phones and even a higher percent of physically damaged phones can be repaired.

Use the information below to contact TWorld ICT for phone recycling, repair services, or even to get a quote on a new phone.

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