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Avoiding Data Security Issues

Avoiding Data Security Issues

When you are using a mobile device on a regular basis, you want to be certain that you’re doing everything that you can to protect it. Many of us have an antivirus on our laptops or desktops, so why wouldn’t we try to protect our mobile devices as well? Many times, we forget what we’re doing in this regard and we may share things like credit card information and the like via these devices. What are we supposed to do in those situations? How can we prevent this all from becoming an even bigger problem as time goes on? Here are some tips to help you avoid data security problems.

Don’t ever forget to back up your information. If you are someone that has a lot of information floating around clouds and flash drives and your mobile device, you want to make sure that you have one place to back that information up on. You know that technology doesn’t always work the way that you want it to, and that can make it hard for you to find a file when everything has seemed to crash on you. So, instead of getting frustrated or losing your data, always have backups upon backups to keep it in order.

Put some sort of digital protection on your device. There are anti-viruses and the like for your mobile devices. These can prevent you from digital attacks and prevent viruses and malware from getting onto your device. Look for options that are not going to take up a lot of space on your phone and that have been approved by so that you know that you’re getting something that is going to give you the best protection possible.

Work and play should stay separate. Because of the digital revolution, there have been so many instances where there are blurred lines between your work life and your home life. You need to be sure that you’re taking care of all of your work tasks on a work device (or in work folders on your device, if you use the same device for everything). You want to keep your personal life private and you don’t want to get into a situation where your job could be in jeopardy because you accidentally put information on social media that was supposed to be confidential.

Keep an eye on your physical device. The most important thing is that you need to keep your phone or tablet with you all of the time. Make sure that you know where it is and that you can get to it if someone were to try and nab it. Keeping your device(s) safe can help prevent issues related to stolen data.

Many of us aren’t completely used to carrying around devices yet, so we may not be 100% sure as to what we need to do. If you follow these tips, you may reduce the risk of a data breach on your smartphone.

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Telstra To Acquire Melbourne’s Kloud Services

Melbourne TelstraTelstra is continuing their bid to become one of Melbourne’s leading media providers with the acquisition of Kloud Solutions, for an estimated $40 million.

Last May, Telstra announced plans to lead the charge in Australia’s technological industry, under the guidance of new chief executive Andrew Penn. Penn proved his commitment to this mission, with the acquisition of the Australian Microsoft subsidiary.

Telstra and Kloud have been working together to bring innovative technological solutions to Australia for years. This is just another step, solidifying the partnership in the process, to bring high-speed, high-quality information and communications technology to Melbourne and the rest of the Sunshine Coast.

Moving Forward Towards The Future

Telstra has expressed hopes that the merger with Kloud will catapult them into the vanguard of information technology.

According to Telstra’s executive director of Global Enterprise and Services Michelle Bendschneider, “We are committed to helping Telstra customers increase agility, lower costs, and increase their competitive advantage. Kloud’s expertise can make it even easier for our customers to transition their workloads and applications to the cloud. Kloud will enhance Telstra’s consulting-led capabilities by expanding our professional and managed services, complementing recent acquisitions such as NSC, O2 Networks, and Bridgepoint.”

This merger follows hot on the heels of a wide array of mergers, as alluded to by Bendschneider. North Shore Connections (NSC) Group is a communications solution and contact centre which Telstra acquired in August 2013; network integration services provider O2 Networks was acquired for roughly AU$60 million in January 2014; while information security, data management, and networking provider Bridgepoint joined the team in October 2014.

Telstra has also acquired a health analytics company, Anywhere Healthcare, in April 2014, and an e-health management system, EOS Technologies, in October 2015.

These are ust some of the steps Telstra is taking to ensure their Melbourne Telstra customers have the latest, most up-to-date technology and services.

If you’d like to see how our lightning fast information services can speed up your life, come into a Telstra dealer in Melbourne today, and let us show you what we’ve got!

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A Shortage Of Raw Materials Could Drive Up The Cost Of iPhone 5 Repairs

iPhone 5 repair MelbourneMany iPhone 5 owners have been watching with growing concern, as the cost of iPhone 5/5C/5S LCD assemblies have continued to skyrocket.

This was originally anticipated as being a short-term situation, the shortage of LCD assemblies has continued, causing great concern for those looking for iPhone 5 repairs.

What’s Causing The Shortages?

Factories are having a hard time keeping up with the demand for iPhone 5 LCD assemblies, due to an increasingly difficult time procuring certain raw materials.

Some Raw Materials Found In An iPhone 5 (Some Might Surprise You):

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Gadolinium
  • Europium
  • Yttrium
  • Lanthanum
  • Dysprosium

In fact, there is 324 times more precious minerals in one ton of iPhone 5’s than in a ton of ore from the Yanacocha Complex, the largest gold deposit in the world in Peru. There’s also 6.5 times as much silver in a ton of iPhone 5’s than a ton of ore from the Cannington Silver Mine.

It might make you wonder if it would be more worthwhile to recycle your iPhone 5, considering its interiors read off like some demented prospector’s fever dream, but we know your iPhone 5 is worth 10 times as much, to you, as it would for a gold digger.

After all, you’ve been through a lot together, and there are certain irreplaceable things on that phone that money just can’t buy. Don’t let the shortage deter you – our repair experts are standing by to help you!

Sources haven’t been forthcoming on which materials they’re running low on, but it’s having a big impact on the price of iPhone 5 repairs in Melbourne, and all over the world.

Should We Abandon Hope?

Not at all! These kind of shortages are actually rather common. Factories run short on raw materials and components in a similar fashion when a new model of iPhone comes out, causing a similar level of panic (and a similar rise in repair costs).

A lot of repair shops take advantage of people in need of iPhone 5 repairs. We would never! We value our customers too much.

We can typically repair an iPhone 5 in 24 hours, or less, even in times of shortage. We’ve had time to compile all the most common parts, for times like those, so if you need an LCD, a new battery, or an iPhone 5 screen repair in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered.

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Text Messages Reveal El Chapo Couldn’t Decide Between An Iphone 6 and a Samsung Galaxy S6 On The Lam

iPhone 6 repair Choosing a new cellphone can be stressful. It’s hard to know what’s best, what’s going to last, what’s going to meet all of your needs. Even when you’re one of the richest and most dangerous men on Earth. .

Joaquin Guzman, colloquially known as ‘El Chapo’, is the head of the Sinaloa Cartel, one of the most powerful and widely-feared of the Mexican drug cartels. Earlier this week, the Mexican newspaper Milenio published a series of leaked text messages between Guzman and his flame, the actress Kate del Castillo.

El Chapo discussed the merits of various mobile devices with an assistant, who was retrieving information on the American actor Sean Penn, with whom Guzman had recently met.

El Chapo reveals himself to be quite up-to-date with the latest cellphone trends, and an expert on battery life, as you can read from the excerpt, translated from Spanish into English.

12:08:46 a.m. — M: I’m checking it, pardon me please, I’m doing it with my Blackberry data.

12:10:27 a.m. — Guzmán: Or iPhone or tablet, iPhone is a new tablet telephone.

12:18:47 a.m. — M: Blackberry Leap is the most recent, and it is the size of a minilap [mini laptop]. Its system is the most sophisticated in the area of business. Its battery guarantees 25 hours in duration. The iPhone 6 Plus is better and the most recent.

12:21:12 a.m. —M: The Samsung 6 Edge is the most sophisticated of all the telephone platforms. Its system is Android and it has the most recent technology.

12:22:44 a.m. —M: [The cost] of the iPhone 6 is $14 to $16 thousand, [$768 to $877] depending on its capacity.

12:23:23 a.m. —M: The Samsung 5 Edge costs about $16 thousand [$877].

12:23:28 a.m. — Guzmán: And the Galaxy?

12:24:19 a.m. — Guzmán: Which would be the one that looks the prettiest?

12:24:29 a.m. — Guzmán: For you

12:26:46 a.m. —M: The Galaxy already was, in its moment it was one of the best. In my humble opinion, the Samsung 6 Edge [likely referring to its appearance]

12:28:13 a.m. — M: But if you have to [ask] I say that the best [is] the Blackberry Leap. But it’s up to you.

12:28:57 a.m. — Guzmán: The Black, how much does it cost?

12:32:18 a.m. — M: … And I don’t have info for the price of the Blackberry. But tomorrow, Telcel will quote us a price for it.

12:37:07 a.m. — Guzmán: Rest, and at 9 send me the price, please …

12:21:28 a.m. —M: I don’t know the price of the Black [Blackberry].

The iPhone 6 is powerful enough to run a major crime syndicate, while still having enough features to impress a man who’s worth billions.

Do you need your iPhone repaired in Melbourne? We specialize in speedy iPhone 6 screen replacements, returning your precious phone to its pristine state in 24 hours or less. Contact us today, and let us help you!

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United Airlines Is Giving iPhone 6+ To Over 6000 Employees

iPhone 6 repairUnited Airlines, one of the world’s leading airlines, is preparing to equip over 6000 of their employees with the latest iPhone technology, the iPhone 6+.

The iPhone 6+ will allow customer service employees to print boarding passes and baggage tags, making UA’s customers lives’ generally easier and more pleasant. Which is what an iPhone is supposed to do.


On layover in Melbourne? Need you iPhone 6 repaired? We’re one of the fastest iPhone 6 repair shops in Melbourne, offering 24-hour or less repairs, using only original manufacturer parts.

United Airlines will begin disseminating the iPhone 6+ in 2016, following a similar program in 2014, when flight attendants and pilots were also issued iPhone 6+ for documentation and handling payments.

The iPhone 6+ is no longer the most cutting-edge technology, having been replaced by the iPhone 6s, which will be in turn replaced by a new make and model, due Fall 2016. United Airline feels the iPhone 6+ will be more than adequate to meet their customer service representatives’ needs, who don’t plan out on dishing out for the 3D touch and live photo features.

United Airlines plan on continuing to develop new features and programs for the iPhone 6+, ultimately integrating full check-ins and baggage claims into one handy solution that fits into the palm of your hand.

Still holding on to your iPhone 6? Want to return it to its original, pristine state? TWorld ICT offer speedy iPhone 6 screen replacements. Let us help you today!

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