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iPhone Sales Decline For The First Time Ever

iPhone 5 repairsAccording to Gartner, Apple experienced its first decline in iPhone sales since their initial release, during the final quarter of 2015.

Is the beginning of the end for the mobile media juggernaut?

Not hardly.

Apple still did a healthy business, despite being 4.4% lower than the previous year, selling 71.5 million mobile phones, instead of 74.8.

Huawei and Samsung were the only two mobile phone manufacturers to report an improvement in sales last year.

When taken together, smartphone sales representatives from around the globe managed to sell 403 million handsets in the fourth quarter of 2015 – 9.7% increase the fourth quarter of 2014, but still being the slowest growth percentage since smartphones hit the market.

Samsung is leading the pack, with 20.7% of the market share, compared to 19.9% in 2014. Apple, coming in at Number Two, fell a couple of points, from 20.4% in 2014 to 17.7% in 2015.

Huawei came it at Number Three in the mobile market, ascending to 8% market share, from 5.7% in 2014. Lenovo and China’s Xiaomi were close behind, securing 5% and 4.5% of mobile handset sales, respectively.

Overall, mobile markets sold 1.4 billion units in 2015, up 14.4% from 2014.

Gartner’s Research Director Anshul Gupta speculated on the cause of these trends, claiming “Low-cost smartphones in emerging markets, and strong demand for premium smartphones, continued to be the driving factors. An aggressive pricing from local and Chinese brands in the midrange and entry-level segments of emerging markets led to consumers upgrading more quickly to affordable smartphones.”

Also, according to Gupta, many of the emerging Asian/Pacific market are anticipated to upgrade their devices quickly, to the same brand they already own.

It’s interesting to speculate on the reasons for the falling figures. While it’s tempting to blame a faltering economy, or the public’s attention being diverted to some new fad, the fact of the matter is, many/most people don’t need a brand new phone every single year, no matter how powerful or trending it might be.

Are you still attached to your older iPhone? Maybe looking to have your iPhone 5 repaired in Melbourne? Or to have a screen replaced? You’re in luck! We can do most common repairs while you wait, with guaranteed manufacturer parts!

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Avoid The Queues! Book An Appointment At A Telstra Shop In Melbourne Online!

Telstra Shop Melbourne Online Appointment

Avoid the queues by scheduling your Telstra appointment online!/photo: Channel News

Now that the holidays are behind us, you’re likely to have had your fill of waiting in lines. Chances are, over the past month-and-a-half, you’ve waited in line for:

  • Groceries
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Busses

Do you really want to have to wait at a Telstra shop in Melbourne? No!

We’ve had enough of waiting in queues, thank you very much! The good news is, you no longer have to! You can schedule an appointment ahead of time for a Telstra Store In Melbourne.

Online appointments are available for Personal Shopping, Business, and Tech Bar consultations.

Common Reasons For Online Appointments Include:

  • Check-In
  • Bill Discussion
  • Mobile Plans
  • An Issue Or Fault
  • Pre-paid Mobile
  • Discuss Or Purchase Mobile Internet
  • Discuss Or Purchase Bundled Service
  • Discuss Or Purchase A Home Phone

Let Telstra’s Business Plans Take Your Business To The Next Level

As we prepare to turn over the calendar, most business owners are taking stock and reflecting on the passing year, and preparing for the next. The next few years will be exciting times, as Australia continues to roll out the NBN network, giving unprecedented speed and availability for the entire country. Opportunities will be abundant, so make sure you’re ready for them.

Schedule an online appointment with one of our business centres, to find out how to:

  • Optimize Application Performance
  • Maximize Bandwidth
  • Minimize Connectivity Risks
  • Expand Into New Markets Faster, With Coverage In Over 230 Countries
  • Cloud Support
  • Innovative Collaborative Solutions

Things You Could Do Rather Than Wait In Line At Telstra Shops In Melbourne:

  • Explore the rest of Melbourne
  • Grab a latte
  • Burn off some of those holiday calories
  • Have a lunch date
  • Walk in the park
  • Start a business
  • Paint a picture
  • Pet your cat or dog
  • Go offroading
  • Use the cellphone you would be waiting to be fixed
  • Play Angry Birds

When you really think about it, nearly anything would be better than staring at the back of some stranger’s head for an hour, no matter how interesting or attractive they might be.

This year, save your queuing for Star Wars and contact us today to set up an appointment!

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The Most Common Mobile Phone Repairs

Mobile Phone Repair Melbourne
Have you dropped your iPad in the mashed potatoes? Chipped your Android’s edges? Living with a screen covered in spiderweb cracks, ready to break apart into an ice storm of broken glass at any moment? Any of these things could leave you looking for mobile phone repairs in Melbourne.

Don’t feel bad. You are not alone.
In fact, 21.7% of people are using mobile devices with cracked screens, according to this recent survey. Many people just let it go, not realizing that a cracked screen can lead to difficulties with the phone’s inner workings later on.


The Most Common Types Of Mobile Phone Repairs:

Cracked Screen 21.7%
Battery Repairs 16.1%
Won’t Charge 9.7%
Broken Buttons 6.3%
Sound Problems 6.3%


Reasons People Avoid Mobile Phone Repairs:


  • Too Busy
  • Think Repairs Will Be Expensive
  • Don’t Know Where To Find Phone Repairs In Melbourne
  • Don’t Know Who To Trust
  • Think It Would Be Cheaper To Just Buy A New Phone Or Tablet
  • Embarrassed

When we look at it like this, we realize how unreasonable so many of the reasons we have for not fixing our phones just don’t make sense. Like the notion, “I don’t have time to find screen repair in Melbourne.” If moisture gets inside the phone case, the whole device could shut down, and then you could be left without a phone for days, up to a week or even longer.

Could you live without your phone for a week?

The numbers just don’t make sense, when you think of the buying a brand new iPhone 6 versus fixing a chipped screen. A great majority of mobile phone repairs are relatively cheap, and can be done that day.
Considering the fact that the cell phone repair industry is growing by $1 billion USD each year, there’s no need to feel embarrassed when you run your Samsung Galaxy over with a golf cart. We’ve all been there.

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Samsung To Pay $548 Million To Apple In Ongoing Patent Dispute

Samsung has finally agreed to settle up with Apple, after losing the appellate phase of a lengthy patent trial.

According to a court report filed on December 3, Samsung will pay the sum once Apple files an invoice. Payment is expected by December 14, at the latest. Apple will withdraw their motion to enforce the court’s decision.

The $548 million settlement was whittled down from the initial fine of $930 million, in 2012. Samsung were found of guilt of copyright infringement on the iPhone’s design, for the control surface, bezel, and user interface, which made up $399 million of the fine. Samsung was originally sued $2.5 billion in damages by Apple for copyright infringement, in 2011.

Samsung Apple patent dispute

Samsung lost their on-going patent dispute against Apple last week, to the tune of $548 million USD.

Patent Dispute Expected To Be A Setback For Samsung, At Most

According to Apple, the fine “reinforces what courts around the world have already found: that Samsung willfully stole our ideas and copied our products.

Samsung hopes to reclaim some of this hefty fine, however, depending on the ruling of an upcoming patent dispute Apple is involved in. If Apple’s touchscreen is found to be in violation of Trademark and Copyright Laws. Apple has disputed Samsung’s right to reimbursed.

The payment does not equal an admission of guilt, according to an email from Samsung, “While we’ve agreed to pay Apple, we remain confident that our products do not infringe on Apple’s design patents, and we will continue to take all appropriate measures within the legal system to protect our products and our intellectual property.”

Later in the same Press Release, a spokeswoman from Samsung concluded, “We are disappointed that the court has agreed to proceed with Apple’s grossly exaggerated damages claims regardless of whether the patents are valid.”

Regardless of the findings, Samsung remains one of the top three most popular mobile devices in the world. The fine will be a setback, and a sting in their pocketbook, some of which they stand to get back.

Samsung is still going strong, so if you are looking for a Samsung dealer in Melbourne, Samsung repairs in Melbourne, for service or repairs, contact us today, give us a call at (03) 9555 5502, or stop on by and let us help you!

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