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TIP: Checking Tracks On A PCB For Mobile Phone Repair

Phone Repairs MelbourneHas some part of your phone simply quit working? Ear piece cutting out? Volume button not working?

Just follow the lines and check the tracks!


What Is Line-Checking?

‘Line-Checking’ is a phrase used in the mobile phone repair industry to check for broken tracks on the Printed Circuit Board, or PCB. Line-checking can also be called  ‘circuit-tracing’.

The premise is simple, but the reality is entirely something else. Line-checking is as simple as following one end of a line to another. It’s just that most PCBs have between 7 – 10 layers, and can’t be seen with the naked eye.

What Happens When The Lines Get Broken?

Broken lines are one of the most common reasons for malfunctioning parts. If a line gets broken, the part starts working. Line-checking is essential to determine if a part is malfunctioning, or if it’s just the connection.

How To Line-Check

Again, the premise is simple, but the reality is not. To troubleshoot your device, look up your problem on the internet, followed by the words ‘solution’ or ‘line diagram’. You’ll get lots of results, but pick through and find the best or easiest to understand.

You’ll need a multimeter to perform line-checking. Find your line, set the multimeter to continuous, and follow the line to its end. If the multimeter beeps, the line is fine, and you’ve got a defective part on your hands. No beep means your line is broken, and you’ve got to seek a new solution.

Sound complicated? It is and it isn’t. It all depends on how comfortable with electrical repair you are.
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