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How To Create Round Folder Icons Without Jailbreaking iOS

jailbreak iPhone 5Apple products, like the iPhone 5, aren’t necessarily the easiest devices in the world to personalize, which is unfortunate, considering many of us use our phones as a wallet, camera, media library, and personal assistant, all in one.

This lack of customization is part of what has made jailbreaking such a hot topic among Apple lovers. This runs the risk of nullifying your Apple warranty, however, as the monolithic mobile manufacturer loves to keep their technology under tight wraps.

For Apple users running iOS 9.3 and above, here’s a nifty little trick to round the corners of your folder icons, without having to jailbreak your device and running the risk of defaulting on your warranty.

How To Change Your Folder Icons (without jailbreaking your phone)

  1. Find An Image For Your Wallpaper: The first step is finding an image that you like. Try googling “round folders iOS’ on Google Image search, look around, and save any that catch your eye to your device.
  2. Launch A Photo App: Next, open up your favorite Photo app, either the one that came with your phone, or one you’ve downloaded personally, and open the round folder image you’ve selected in your photo stream.
  3. Use As Wallpaper: Tap the “share” icon to bring up the list of share options. Select “Use As Wallpaper”
  4. Make Sure To Choose “Still”: You will be prompted with an option to choose “Still” or “Perspective”. Select “Still”. On the next screen, choose the “Set Home Screen” option.

That’s all it takes!

When you go back to your Home screen, any folder icons will have the rounded folder icons, but will be otherwise unchanged.

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