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How to Unfreeze Your iPhone 6

How to Unfreeze Your iPhone 6

A frozen phone can be very inconvenient and is sure to trigger a lot of frustration on the part of the owner. In a world where cell phones provide countless forms of communication, being able to depend on your device is important. If your iPhone 6 is in need of repair, then do not panic. There are tricks you can try to get everything back to working order. Check out some of them below.

Reset The App

If you are in a specific app that is not responding to any of your commands, then you can restart the program without having to mess with your entire device. Here’s how.

  • Double tap your home button.
  • Swipe the screen until you reach the app that you are having issues with.
  • Press down on the app and swipe up to remove it from the screen entirely.
  • Press the home button to get back to your main screen.
  • Tap the app to see if it will function again, as normal.

Restart The Phone

If the app reset did not work, try resetting the entire device. The iPhone 6 is easy to restart and this process will not erase any of the saved information you have stored. Simply follow these steps.

  • Close out your apps and get back to the home screen (if possible).
  • Hold down the power key and the home key simultaneously and keep them pressed until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Release both buttons and wait for your home screen to reappear.

Many times, a restart will do the trick. Apps and different programs sometimes malfunction, then come to a halt when they do not know how to repair an issue. Since nothing can continue as normal, the only option is to reset everything back to square one and give it another shot at functioning properly.

Do A Factory Reset

Finding iPhone 6 repair shops in Melbourne may be necessary if you still are facing issues, but there is one last option you can try. A factory reset will reboot your entire phone back to its original state. It often fixes any issues, but, unfortunately, wipes out everything you had saved on your phone, as well. If you would like to give it a try, follow these steps.

  • Turn off your phone completely and let it sit for around 30 seconds.
  • While holding the home button, plug the phone into your laptop with a USB cord.
  • A box should appear from iTunes, asking you to connect. When this appears, you may release the home button.
  • Go through iTunes to restore the phone.

If this last resort does not work, then it is time to contact your dealer and see what they can do for you.

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