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Some iPhone 6 & 6s Could Have A Blurry Camera, According To Apple

iPhone 6 repair MelbourneHave you been having trouble getting clear, sharp photos with your iPhone 6? Were you starting to wonder if your eyes were out of focus, or even contemplating taking your iPhone 6 for repair? There might not be anything wrong with you, but rather your phone.

Apple has reported that a “very small percentage” of the first wave of their popular iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s were issued with a defective camera, that will only take blurry photographs. Seeing as how Apple has been billing the iPhone 6’s photo capability as one of its main selling points, this is likely to raise some concern.

No need to worry, however, as Apple has offered to replace the defective camera on all affected devices.

The Details

Apple has released a tool on their website, where customers can input their serial number and determine if their phone is one of the defective batch. Most of the faulty devices were bought between September of last year and January of 2015. Considering that many of Apple’s diehard, devoted fans frequently rush right out to buy the newest device, a lot of people could still potentially be carrying around a blurry camera.

In the case that your phone has one of the blurry cameras, there is also a tool on Apple’s website where you can check your serial number, that can help you find a qualified iPhone 6 repair shop in Melbourne.

Seeing as how ¾ of Apple’s sales come from iPhone 6 and 6s’, they have every incentive to resolve this matter with as little hassle for the customer as possible.

If you suspect your phone has a defective camera, or even if you need something basic like iPhone screen repairs in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to come in and talk to one of our professionals today!


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Apple Announces New Battery 25-Hour Battery Pack For iPhone 6 & 6s

iPhone 6 repair MelbourneiPhone users received a pleasant surprise last weekend, in the form of an unexpected battery pack upgrade. Seeing as how battery replacements are one of the most common iPhone 6 repairs, this is good news indeed.

iPhone 6 Battery Pack Design & Features

The new battery case for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s looks very similar to existing iPhone cases, but bears a number of innovative features (besides being able to go over a day without recharging). Rather than the brickish, bulky design of many iPhone cases, the new battery case looks like a common protective case, with a slight lump on its back for the battery.

Keeping with the minimalist design, Apple put all of the identifying features on the inside, printing the serial number and FCC stamp on an attractive dove grey felt lining.

Why an FCC stamp, you might ask?

Apple had the foresight to install an integrated antenna, to make sure the battery case doesn’t interfere with the reception. An LED was also included, between the felt and the case, to indicate when the case is charging when there’s no phone in it. The LED blinks solid green, when fully charged, and solid orange while it is still charging.

Overall Impressions

The battery case fits snugly around the phone – a little too snugly in the case of the iPhone 6s. While both models slide in easily, you have to wiggle the case a bit to get the iPhone 6s out. The case also adds roughly 2.5 cm to the length o the phone, which could mess up your texting muscle memory, so be advised. The good news, though, is the battery is a little lighter than the previous model. Your iPhone is still able to easily fit in your back pocket, when need be, so the additional length is a minor quibble.

All of these features, with a slick design, in addition to the staggeringly long battery life, should make this a solid investment at the MRSP of $99 USD.


Do you need an iPhone 6 repair in Melbourne? A screen repair, or some other inconvenience? We carry original manufacturer parts for most common repairs, which can often be done in less than 24 hours. So come on down today and let us help you!


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