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Are Mobile Phone Repairs Worth It?

Are Mobile Phone Repairs Worth It?

Having your hand-held device fixed can be better and more economical than paying your mobile phone insurance deductible. If you take a look at the price of out-of-contract mobile devices today, you will see these small devices are not cheap. In fact, most mobile phones cost more than $500! However, most of us know that we didn’t pay the actual cost of the mobile phone because mobile phone shops get paid for every contract they sign up, and if you terminate your contract, they still get paid. So, are mobile phone repairs worthwhile?

Did you break phone just by dropping it? Every day, many people drop their mobile phones on the pavement, in the bathroom, and in some of the strangest places. To get your phone fixed by a mobile phone repair specialist could end up costing you about $120, probably even less. The price to have your insurance replace your iPhone with a refurbished mobile device can be around $180 or more for an iPhone 5, but the numbers do vary from plan to plan.

You might be thinking that having insurance on your mobile device is a rip off, and it can be depending on your own view of the scenario. These mobile insurance companies buy broken phones in volume, and fix them. Then, they send you one of those mobile phones as a replacement.

Some of those refurbished cellphones might be missing screws, reveal signs of water damage, and the list could go on and on, so you may be inheriting more problems that way. With phone repairs in Melbourne becoming more prominent, it’s much easier for you to locate a cell phone repair center in your area. I’ve seen a lot of these mobile repair shops seemingly pop up over night, so you may want to be careful about which shop you choose.

Do your research first to ensure you aren’t scrambling to make a decision on a company. When selecting a phone repair company in Melbourne check their website for a price list. They are more likely to not change their pricing on a regular basis if they do, and they should know their market.

Ask other questions such as: Do they offer a guarantee? Most of the phone repair businesses that I have found offer a warranty covering your device for at least 90 days. Do they have parts in stock? Any one of these companies should have components in stock for popular cellphones, so you should have a short wait time for your service. Will they accept any mobile phone? Most of these shops should be able to fix pretty much any device, but some shops specialize in fixing certain devices now.

We can only hope that we never drop our mobiles, run over them, or take them for a swim, but life literally happens so it’s best to know your options before something goes wrong. If you’re looking for Samsung repairs in Melbourne, or iPhone 6 repair services in Melbourne, please click here to book your phone today.


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