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The FBI’s Not Sharing Their iPhone Secrets

iPhone 6 Repair MelbourneApple and various government agencies have been going back and forth, these past few months, with the world’s intelligence agencies trying to get Apple to give up access to customer’s private data to help with investigations.

Apple, however, hasn’t been budging, viewing any cooperation as a violation of their customers’ privacy. Considering how many of us own iPhone 5’s, in Melbourne and around the world, the mythical “back door” for Apple’s iPhone would open up the possibility of covert monitoring of a wide swathe of the swathe of the global population.

Despite Apple’s non-compliance, it seems the FBI have discovered a secret way to access an iPhone’s date, but they’re not telling what it is.

Despite Apple’s refusal to play nice with the world’s Intelligentsia, the FBI is still deciding whether or not to share what they’ve learned as part of a White House program to alert software vendors to possible security breaches in their products.

In a recent report to the Wall Street Journal, the FBI has stated they’re not sure they’ve learned enough about hacking iPhones to warrant a statement, after reportedly hiring a hacker to crack into an iPhone 5c, used by a shooter in a recent mass shooting.

Despite the FBI’s statement, electronic rights activists like the Electronic Frontier Foundation criticized the agency back in March, stating that the FBI should share the possible bug.

The FBI have been at least slightly cooperative with the iPhone manufacturers, when they recently informed Apple of a security breach in older versions of iOS and Macs, as was recently reported by Reuters. It seems that Apple already knew about the breach, with an anonymous Apple executive stating the Apple has recently fixed bugs with iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan.

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