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Coach To Unveil Designer Apple Watch Bands

Coach Apple Watch BandsApple may have been having a rough quarter, these past few years, with a decline in iPhone sales for the first time in their 12-year history, along with the rest of their digital products and services.

The mobile monolith have proven that they’re not licked yet, as they continue to sound optimistic and roll out new designs and products.

Lovers of both the Apple Watch and high fashion have something to look forward to later this year, when Coach wll unveil a new series of designer watch bands for the Apple Watch.

Coach To Unveil New Apple Watch Designer Bands

According to fashion/tech blogger David Boglin de Bautista, via his Haute Ecriture blog, Coach could launch as many as eight different bands, ranging in colors from black to red to white or brown, based on photographs shown to the blogger from a spokesperson from Coach. It’s rumored that there could be patterned watch bands available, as well, and maybe even charm bands.

The Apple Watch designer bands are designed to match Coach’s classic high fashion handbags, from their Spring/Summer 2016 collection, including the stylish Tea Rose Applique purse.

It is still uncertain if Coach is acting independently, or working in conjunction with Apple. Previously, Apple has worked with other stylists and designers, including the Hermes brand, who designed an Apple Watch with a distinctive watchband and face.

Coach is just the most recent inductee of high fashion designers to release high class Apple Watches, with or without Apple’s cooperation, like Rebecca Minkoff or Colette, in cunjunction with companies like Casetify or Case-Mate.

Either way, it’s good news for fashionable tech lovers, who don’t want to sacrifice style for the latest in wearable technology.

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Things To Do In March In Melbourne

Telstra Melbourne MarchSummer might be over officially in Australia, but March is when things really start to heat up in Melbourne! It’s no wonder they call it Mad March in Melbourne.

Here’s a list of some things to see and do around Melbourne this month. There’s something amazing happening almost every weekend, for you to check out, snap some photos, and share them with your friends and family via some of the thousands of free Wi-Fi hotspots offered by Telstra throughout Melbourne.

Things To Do In Melbourne In March

  1. Melbourne International Comedy Festival: It’s time to get your laugh on, starting the last weekend of March, with the 30th annual Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The MICF has risen from its humble origins of 30 small venues, in and around Melbourne, to being on of the largest comedy festivals in the world. It’s happening right in your backyard, so don’t miss out!
  2. Melbourne Food And Wine Festival: Come enjoy the finer things in life, with one of the world’s longest running culinary festivals. Come get a deep, insider’s look at Melbourne’s foody culture, with numerous expos featuring some of the city’s finest vineyards; fermented treats; cheeses; desserts, and chefs from all over the world, in a variety of beautiful and inspiring locations. Some of the tickets are selling very fast, so think fast!
  3. Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival: Speaking of the finer things in life, the 20th edition of the VAMFF festival covers the rest of the bases, with music and fashion. A number of premium, as well as regular, runway shows, from some of the fashion industry’s top publications and most recognizable brands, including L’oreal, Estee Lauder, and Vogue, will be showcasing brand new fashion lines. The summer may be ending, but the fashion is sure to be hot, at the 20th anniversary VAMFF, and not to be missed. A number of these runway shows have already sold out, so think fast, lest ye be stuck wearing last year’s fashion!
  4. Of course you’ll want to make sure your gear is all up to code, before you go, so stop by a Telstra shop in Melbourne to upgrade your camera phone, get a new battery, find out about cloud storage, or any number of other things that are so much easier to do in a Telstra store in Melbourne, rather than online.

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