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Telstra And TPG Are Australia’s Leading Broadband Wholesalers!

Telstra NBNTelstra have been committed to developing Australia’s information network infrastructure for years. Telstra’s efforts have been paying off, as a market report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has recently reported.

According to the ACCC’s report, Telstra has picked up the widest berth of the National Broadcast Network’s wholesale services, throughout Australia, while TPG has been targeting the high-speed Internet market, servicing customers seeking download speeds of 50 Mb/s or more.

Although many other providers are also offering NBN wholesale services, but have barely met the 5% reporting threshold of satellite and wireless services.

The ACCC have reported NBN Co as supplying wholesale access services to 941,325 consumers, as of the end of March, and has committed to delivering 1,004 GB/s in network capacity.

Considering the burgeoning state of the NBN infrastructure, these emerging figures offer a unique insight into what Australia’s information infrastructure might look like, once the NBN has completed its goals.

According to the commissioner of the Australian Competition And Consumer Commission Cristina Cifuentes, “This new report will help the continued development of competitive NBN markets that benefit broadband consumers. In particular, providing information on the state of the market will help service providers in the NBN environment make informed planning decisions so that they are better placed to tailor their services and products to what consumers want.”

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