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Text Messages Reveal El Chapo Couldn’t Decide Between An Iphone 6 and a Samsung Galaxy S6 On The Lam

iPhone 6 repair Choosing a new cellphone can be stressful. It’s hard to know what’s best, what’s going to last, what’s going to meet all of your needs. Even when you’re one of the richest and most dangerous men on Earth. .

Joaquin Guzman, colloquially known as ‘El Chapo’, is the head of the Sinaloa Cartel, one of the most powerful and widely-feared of the Mexican drug cartels. Earlier this week, the Mexican newspaper Milenio published a series of leaked text messages between Guzman and his flame, the actress Kate del Castillo.

El Chapo discussed the merits of various mobile devices with an assistant, who was retrieving information on the American actor Sean Penn, with whom Guzman had recently met.

El Chapo reveals himself to be quite up-to-date with the latest cellphone trends, and an expert on battery life, as you can read from the excerpt, translated from Spanish into English.

12:08:46 a.m. — M: I’m checking it, pardon me please, I’m doing it with my Blackberry data.

12:10:27 a.m. — Guzmán: Or iPhone or tablet, iPhone is a new tablet telephone.

12:18:47 a.m. — M: Blackberry Leap is the most recent, and it is the size of a minilap [mini laptop]. Its system is the most sophisticated in the area of business. Its battery guarantees 25 hours in duration. The iPhone 6 Plus is better and the most recent.

12:21:12 a.m. —M: The Samsung 6 Edge is the most sophisticated of all the telephone platforms. Its system is Android and it has the most recent technology.

12:22:44 a.m. —M: [The cost] of the iPhone 6 is $14 to $16 thousand, [$768 to $877] depending on its capacity.

12:23:23 a.m. —M: The Samsung 5 Edge costs about $16 thousand [$877].

12:23:28 a.m. — Guzmán: And the Galaxy?

12:24:19 a.m. — Guzmán: Which would be the one that looks the prettiest?

12:24:29 a.m. — Guzmán: For you

12:26:46 a.m. —M: The Galaxy already was, in its moment it was one of the best. In my humble opinion, the Samsung 6 Edge [likely referring to its appearance]

12:28:13 a.m. — M: But if you have to [ask] I say that the best [is] the Blackberry Leap. But it’s up to you.

12:28:57 a.m. — Guzmán: The Black, how much does it cost?

12:32:18 a.m. — M: … And I don’t have info for the price of the Blackberry. But tomorrow, Telcel will quote us a price for it.

12:37:07 a.m. — Guzmán: Rest, and at 9 send me the price, please …

12:21:28 a.m. —M: I don’t know the price of the Black [Blackberry].

The iPhone 6 is powerful enough to run a major crime syndicate, while still having enough features to impress a man who’s worth billions.

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