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10 Ways to Speed Up your Android Smartphone and Improve its Performance

10 Ways to Speed Up your Android Smartphone and Improve its Performance

Are you sick of waiting around for apps to load? Have you been experiencing problems when you try to download new apps? You’re not the only one! With Android phones, it can be common to experience the speed reductions and reduced performance the longer you have the phone, however, there are things you can do to improve this. In this article, we’ll take a look at 10 things you can do to increase the speed of your Android smartphone, and improve its performance

1. Delete Unnecessary Apps

For many smartphone users, it can be easy to become an app hoarder. Maybe you downloaded an app and only used it once, or decided that it wasn’t actually the one you were searching for. If you have apps like this, DELETE THEM. A surplus of apps can cause a serious deterioration in the performance of your phone and you may even find that they’re running in the background which is also causing your battery to deplete more rapidly.

2. Use Lite versions of Apps

When downloading apps, its a good idea to be selective about which apps you choose. Some apps will take up a lot of memory which can have a big effect on the performance of your device. In such cases, it may be possible for you to download Lite versions of the app which will allow you to use the app without sacrificing as much memory as you would use the full version. Sometimes, Lite versions may not be available, or they won’t have all of the functions you require, but it’s worth checking them out before you download the full version.

3. Update Your Phone

It’s quite common for people to avoid updating their phones, as the reminder to update usually pops up at inconvenient times. However, updating your phone is an important part of maintaining good speeds and high performance. Not updating your phone can prevent newer apps from being able to run properly on your phone, and in some cases, it can stop you from being able to download apps altogether. If you want to keep your phone running fast, take a few minutes to install updates and you should see increased speeds and improved app performance.

4. Be Aware of What You’re Downloading

As we’ve already evidenced in this article, apps can have a huge effect on how well your device performs so it’s important to know all the details about the apps your downloading. Whilst most apps available from GooglePlay Store are completely safe, there are some apps available for download that can have a bad effect on the way your phone performs. Some apps can contain malware, whilst others may require unnecessary amounts of data which can impact the speed of your device. To avoid downloading these apps, you can use the Play Protect tool, which automatically scans apps to detect malware. Sometimes, this tool can be disabled, so be sure to enable it on your device to help you to improve your phones speed and performance.

5. Charge Your Phone Properly

You probably think that charging your phone is a simple as finding a wire that fits in the hole and plugging it into the wall, but it isn’t. It’s no myth that cheaper chargers are bad quality and can damage the battery life of your phone. If you have a smartphone that is constantly running on 20% battery or less due to poor quality chargers, you may experience low performance as a result. Investing in a more expensive charger can help you to achieve a higher quality charge, which will allow your phone to support your phones processes more adequately.

6. Only Update Your Apps When Using WiFi

Most apps install regular updates, and most Android devices are set to allow apps to update as soon as one is available. However, this default setting can cause your device to run slow, as it may be installing app updates at any time using your cellular data. Aside from slowing down your device, it can also be expensive if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. To avoid this, you can change your settings in order to only allow updates when you’re connected to save money. This way, you can save money and improve your phones performance and speeds whilst you’re on the go

7. Use Cloud-Based Storage

Freeing up storage on your device can help you to increase speed and performance. However, it can sometimes be hard to part with important things that you have saved. Instead of deleting things, you can try uploading your precious files to cloud-based storage. This will free up space on your device, and will also mean that you can access your phone’s files from other devices when you need to as well.

8. Clear Your Home Screen

Widgets, wallpapers and fancy themes are great in theory, but they can cause your device to run a lot slower. If you’re keen to increase your device performance then having a good home screen clearout can help you to do this. Remove any unnecessary widgets from your home screen and try changing to a simpler background and you may find that your phone speed increases.

9. Turn of Your Device

Sometimes, smartphones just need a little downtime to help them get back to perfect working order. For most people, switching off our devices is a rarity, but restarting your phone every so often can really help to improve your phone’s speed and performance

10. Reset Your Device

If you’re having serious lag and freezing issues on your devices, and you’ve tried other options, then a factory reset of your phone may be the right choice. A factory reset will clear your phone of apps and things that are taking up storage, and restore everything to factory settings. If you’re in a pinch and you’re not worried about losing any of you have stored on your phone, then this method should help you to improve your phone’s performance.


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Why Android Could Be The Best Choice for Your Mobile OS

Why Android Could Be The Best Choice for Your Mobile OS

There are times when you could be having a great time with your friends, and then a topic comes out of the blue. You find yourselves discussing tech related things, and before you know it, you are already arguing about phone models and which is the best. Mostly, the argument is about which is the better option for mobile OS. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for Android.

It Has Lovely Android Widgets

You are going to love the Android widgets which make your Android experience better and exciting. You will only need to spare some minutes to arrange the desktop, and you are good to go. You need to click on the widget that you want which could be time or weather widget, and it opens displaying all the information you may be looking for.

Offer Multiple User Options

Sometimes sharing can be tedious and that is why Android has you covered with numerous user options. It offers you an opportunity to have a guest account. The account allows you to keep information private if you do not wish to share it with anyone. You can also create a children account. This is an account with limited access. This way, only approved individuals can access it which mostly can just be you and therefore you can let your kids have your phone probably to watch videos or play games without worrying that they might access things that you do not want them to or without interfering with your private stuff.

You Get Google Assistant

You need help with your day to day activities, and at times you might not feel like you want to have people around you. That is when Google Assistant comes in. This Assistant can offer you help that you can get from people but now without having to deal with an actual person. It can call someone for you, send text messages or even set the alarm for you. What’s more; you can connect these assistants to your house devices like the security, lighting and heating device. It is wise that whenever you want to purchase a phone choose the one that can connect to your home appliances.

Enjoy the Rich App Market

Google play store provides you with numerous apps that you can choose. There are about three million apps in the Google play store, and you can imagine the kind of fun they can offer you. Unlike before, now you do not have to wait for the apps to appear on the Google play store before appearing on the App Store. Android has improved, and whenever you need to install a particular app, it will take seconds, and you can get started and use it for whatever purpose you intended.

Data Security

Android allows for data encryption. You do not have to worry about your information leaking to other companies. This feature has been available since Android’s sixth version, and you can rest assured that your data is safe and encrypted on each Android device.

Android’s Easy Cache Clearing

If there is something that has been made easier in Android compared to other device operating systems is clearing cache. All you need to do is go to settings, find the applications options, and then click on the specific app that you wish to clear. It will also show the amount of storage that each app takes which helps you decide which application is loaded. This is unlike other kinds like the iPhone where you have to delete the app and install it to clear cache.

You Get Unlimited Storage

With Android, you do not have to worry about a room to store anything you want which could either be work files, music, videos, games or photos. It offers you the MicroSD card option to increase your space. If your phone has 8GB internal storage, you can maximize it by inserting an external MicroSD card of up to 128GB.

Allows for Customization

Looking at the same phone grid over and over can be boring and tiring, but fortunately, with Android, it is possible for you to customize it to however you want it to look. All you need is to download your favourite theme, and there you have your desired look. It is also easy for you to remove the apps that you do not use frequently or that you never use from the home screen. Get 3D Touch notifications which help you turn off location tracking without having to dig into the menu. The bottom line is, if you do not like something on your Android phone, you can change it anytime.

You Can Get Any Phone You Want

Android gives you a range of options to choose from covering from low to high budget depending on what you can afford. You can research on the best phones based on performance, battery durability, and efficiency. These features differ with the phone’s price, and you can also choose a phone from different brands like Huawei, Samsung just to mention a few and you can have your dream phone.


Android phones are available at prices that even the low-class individuals can reach. The phones come with different features, simple, complex and advanced which make the cost to vary. You can get a phone that fits your budget and needs.

Availability of spare parts

Phones are bound to spoil from time to time. It can be frustrating when your phone’s screen break, but you cannot find a replacement anywhere. Things are different with Androids as almost all phone accessories shops have access to these phone’s repair parts. This makes the repair of these phones cheaper compared to other makes. Also, the phones can serve you for an extended period as they are not fragile unless you handle them recklessly.


Androids are the best phones as they help you do things faster and conveniently. You can design your home screen to your wish and use it to showcase your creativity. It also enables you to save your money. Android has an incredible user experience, as it is easy to use and maintain. With these points, it is clear why Android could be an excellent choice for your OS.

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