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iOS versus Android – The Competition Improving Our Lives

iOS versus Android:  Choosing the Right Phone for You

samsung android vs apple iphone

The battle continues to rage in Smartphones between the Apple iOS on the iPhone and the Andriod operating system which is being pushed to the limits by Samsung.

What are the deciding factors in choosing which platform is right for you?

Let us examine a few observations important to users in the iOS versus Android battle.

Physical Feel and Appearance Often Outweighs OS Choice

For comparison purposes let us take a look at the Apple iPhone 4s and the Samsung Galaxy S II. The starting point of the comparison is going to step away from the operating systems for just a moment.  The first impression you get from any phone is the look and feel in your hand.

In this case both phones have a nice feel to them, but to most people the iPhone is stronger, more solid, and seems to be step above in overall quality.   An observation you will quickly make is this Samsung phone is slightly larger than the iPhone 4s, which may make if feel slightly oversized for using with just one hand.

Keep in mind, Samsung has a full line-up of Android phones in a variety of sizes.  In this tactile test the iPhone is the winner.

Comparing Performance:  iOS vs. Android

Is performance one of the keys to your choice of phone?  This is where the iPhone 4s and iOS still leave the Samsung S II and Android OS behind.  It starts with browser performance.   The iPhone iOS combined with the 4s is around 40% faster than the Samsung-Android combination.

This does not indicate the Android phone is slow, because it is not.  It just shows added maturity and fine tuning found in the iOS/iPhone combo compared to the Android/Samsung combo.

The performance marks continue in favor of the iPhone when you do graphic benchmarks and test movie playback speeds.  Once again, this does not indicate any problems with the Samsung/Android system.

The Android phone handles playing videos at 30fps and games at an equal speed with no problems making any difference nearly imperceptible to the human eye.

Is There an App for Your Needs?

The real bottom line decision in the battle between the Android and iOS platforms will probably come down to something much more personal.   What applications do you want, need, and desire?

The iPhone is still the clear winner in quantity and quality of applications, but Android developers are quickly pushing out applications to fill almost any need.

You should take a few minutes to compare lists of applications for tasks you want to accomplish on your phone and use those criteria to help make your decision.

The other highly subjective point is the feel and operation of the core operating systems.  There are strong supporters on both platforms who can point out why each system is superior in terms of usability.  For the average user the iPhone is still the preferred platform, but the Android system is not far behind.  With each new update to the Android OS the gap closes.

In the final analysis the only way to make an informed decision for yourself is to get one of each in your hands and try them.  The TWorld ICT new phone sales department can help you test the phones and choose the right one for you.

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