Tips from Melbourne Telstra Shops: Avoiding Unexpectedly High Bills

Did you go way over your data limit for this month? It is likely that you found an unpleasant surprise waiting for you in mobile plan bill. When you are on a tight budget for all of your expenses, it can really throw a wrench in your plans. Now, you will have to spend the extra money you had tucked away for a rainy day. You can actually avoid getting an unexpectedly high bill by keeping your data consumption in control. Here are a few tips form trusted Melbourne Telstra shops like TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd.

Data Usage

Track Your Usage

One of the best ways to avoid high bills is to keep track of your usage. First, find out just how much your data allowance is and how it is measured. Also, try to figure out how your provider actually charges you for each megabyte over the limit. Track your unbilled charges before the month is over so you can see if you have already exceeded your limit. You can do this by contacting your provider or accessing an app or website that automatically calculates your usage for you. This way, you will already have an idea how much you will actually have to pay even before the bill arrives.

Use Your Wi-Fi

If you don’t call or send out messages too often, your mobile internet usage might be the culprit for your high bill. You can cut down your mobile data usage if you connect to Wi-Fi hot spots instead of using your phone’s data. Do this especially if you are streaming videos, downloading music or updating your smartphone’s operating system as these tend to use up a lot of mobile data. Here’s a useful advice from Telstra stores in Melbourne – tweak your phone’s connectivity settings to automatically connect to trusted Wi-Fi hot spots like at your home or in the office.

Contact Your Provider

If you are still receiving an unusually high bill after you have taken all necessary precautions, you should contact your provider. It may be a problem with your coverage that is making your bill higher than it should be. Your provider will gladly help you with whatever issue your phone is having. You just have to listen to the instructions follow them to the letter so the problem can finally be resolved and you can enjoy getting reasonably priced bills again.

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