The Most Expensive Smartphones In The World

The Most Expensive Smartphones In The World

It’s no secret that mobile phones have got more expensive in the past few years. We only need to take a look at the price tag on new flagship models like the iPhone X – which will set you back around au$1400 – to see how much buying a new phone can really hurt your wallet.

Of course, this makes a lot of sense. After all, phone technology has come a long way in the last few years, and many of us now value our phones amongst our most important and useful possessions. Seeing as we use our phones every day, many people don’t have a problem justifying paying a little more for a high-quality model.

However, there are some smartphones that are so ludicrously expensive that it’d be easy to think you’d have to be mad to buy them – either that or incredibly rich.

To show you the kind of smartphones we’re talking about, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most expensive smartphones in the world. These luxury smartphones are gadgets loaded with cutting-edge tech and top-end specifications.

They frequently built with rare and expensive materials which cost a small fortune, and they’re the kind of phone you really wouldn’t want to drop. If you did, it would set you back much more than the cost of a repair service were you to break it!

Let’s take a look at four of the most expensive, luxury phones of all time.

  1. iPhone Princess Plus

If you thought the iPhone X was expensive, say hello the iPhone Princess Plus. With a price tag similar to an average mortgage, the iPhone Princess Plus doesn’t come cheap. It costs around au$236,000 so, true to its name, you’d probably have to be a princess to afford this little gem.

And speaking of little gems – the iPhone Princess Plus is covered in them. Diamonds, to be specific. 318 of them, to be even more specific! Of these 318 diamonds, 138 are princess-cut, which is where the phone gets its name. It’s also covered from top to bottom in pure, 18-karat white gold.

The bad news is that the iPhone Princess Plus luxury features starts and ends with these aesthetic differences. Other than that, it’s just a regular iPhone. In other words, it looks incredible, but it doesn’t perform any better than a regular iPhone.

If you have a spare $236,000 lying around, though, and you think that all those diamonds and gold is worth an extra $235,000 over a standard iPhone, then this might just be the phone for you!

2. Lamborghini 88 Tauri

Who could be a better luxury smartphone manufacturer than a brand that already manufactures luxury cars?

Back in 2015, Tonino Lamborghini released their second luxury Android smartphone, the 88 Tauri. At over $8,300, this phone is much cheaper than the Princess Plus, but still expensive enough to make most people wince.

Unlike the Princess Plus, this phone at least backs up its premium price tag with some premium features. It isn’t just about aesthetics.

It features a quad-core 2.3 GHz processor, 3GB of RAM and 64GB storage space. The build quality is also excellent, as only the most durable and luxurious materials were used. Its frame is made from stainless steel and it comes with a classy, Lamborghini-esque leather coat.

In terms of processing power, the 88 Tauri doesn’t disappoint. It comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and has a quad-core CPU which delivers the very best speeds, a 1080p display, and a 20MP rear camera.

All these features are especially great when you consider this phone is now 3 years old, but that’s not the real reason you’d fork out on this device. No, the real reason is the prestige that comes with owning a Lamborghini device.

3. Vertu Aster Diamonds Red Alligator

Vertu is one of the most famous brand names in the luxury smartphone scene. Their confusingly-named Aster Diamonds Red Alligator device was released in 2017 and costs around au$14,000.

Whilst this phone again comes with some fancy specs – like a 1080p display, Android Marshmallow OS, and a 2.3GHz quad-core processor – the real value comes from the aesthetic features.

The Aster Diamonds Red Alligator is wrapped in a stainless steel case which is covered in 55 white diamonds, hence the ‘Aster Diamonds’ part of the name. The ‘Red Alligator’ part comes from the fact that it’s also wrapped in classy-looking red alligator leather.

If you’re willing to spend the $14,000, you can also at least know that your device was made with some TLC, as every device is handmade to ensure uniqueness.

4. Gresso Regal Black Edition

This $6,950 Android smartphone is a more sophisticated alternative to the above. It doesn’t skimp on the luxury materials (it’s made from titanium and 18-karat gold), but it doesn’t shove them in your face as much as the other phones on this list.

No, the Gresso Regal Black Edition is more tasteful and sophisticated. It has sharp lines, elegant dark tones, and an understated, classic look. It also comes with a quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB of storage space and a full HD, 5-inch display.

If you’re looking for an unassuming, sophisticated phone, and you have $6,950 to spare, this might be the right luxury phone for you.

That’s All!

That’s about it for our list of the most expensive smartphones in the world. There are a few more luxury phones out there worth mentioning, but we don’t have time to cover them all, so check that out on your own time!

For those of you that aren’t part of the elite super-rich, you might also like to read one of our other articles on the best smartphones in 2018 to find something more suitable for the regular consumer.

Happy shopping!

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