Saving Your iPhone 6 From Water Damage

Saving Your iPhone 6 From Water Damage

When it comes to our mobile devices, exposure to water should be avoided at all costs. Water damage is hard to fix and, even if addressed right away, could leave you without a phone for some time. If you’re in need of iPhone 6 repair due to water damage, do not panic. There are some techniques you can try to dry it out fast, thus helping you avoid a trip to the repair shop.

Leave Your Phone Off

When a phone starts to malfunction, one’s typical first response is to try and restart it. When it comes to water damage this is a bad idea and will only minimize any chance of bringing your iPhone back to life. Turning on a phone that has excess moisture may short-circuit the entire device. Until you are sure that your phone is completely dried out, it is best to leave it off. Water can get trapped in a variety of places throughout it, so wait as long as you can before you press the power button.

Take It Apart

Next, take apart as much of your phone as possible. By allowing all of the separate pieces to sit out, you are speeding up drying time and decreasing the likelihood of water getting trapped in any nooks and crannies. Shake out each piece, then lay it gently on a paper towel or anything that will absorb excess moisture. Putting the pieces in rice is a well-known trick that has been used by many. Rice is known for being absorbent and helps to remove the water quicker.

Be Patient

Wait as long as you can before putting your phone back together and testing it out. Keeping everything separate for a few days is recommended. Going this long without a phone is highly unappealing to most, but consider the money you may save on repair costs if all goes well. Hopefully, once adequate time has passed and your phone is given the opportunity to dry out completely, it will function again as normal. You can then move forward without having to shell out any cash.

Visit A Repair Shop

If all else fails, professional help will be needed. Water damage is hard to address so getting an expert’s opinion may be your best bet. They will let you know if your iPhone is fixable or if a new one is needed. If you live in Melbourne, there are many options if your iPhone 6 needs some repair. Find a reliable shop that offers a fair price to check your phone over and see what they can do about restoring any lost information. Most businesses also offer cheap replacement phones if needed.

For iPhone 6 fixes, screen repair, replacement parts, or general questions regarding your device, visit our repairs page today. We are ready to help you out with any of your cell phone related needs!

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