My Samsung J7 Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi – Why?

My Samsung J7 Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi – Why?

We all know that data costs can end up being a lot more than we want them to be and, because of that, we will often hook up to Wi-Fi on our cell phones because it’s just easier and can save us a lot of cash. That being said, there have been a couple of issues with the Samsung J7 related to getting connected with Wi-Fi. What are you supposed to do if your device doesn’t hook up to it? What are you supposed to do then?

First off, you want to make sure that the Wi-Fi is enabled and ready to go. You can find this in your mobile data settings and make sure that everything is connected as it should be. If you’re having an issue with it, you will find that it isn’t even marked as it should be. It may seem like a strange thing to mention, but many people have noticed that this setting is not on when they want to use Wi-Fi in any manner.

There is also another setting that you want to watch out for when you are looking at this area of your settings. One of the settings actually makes it so that your device will start using your mobile data if the wi-fi “isn’t strong enough” (and that can vary based on your device, where you’re located, and other similar issues). At that point, you want to make sure that you’re doing what you can to correct that and to make sure that you aren’t using your mobile data in those cases.

If this doesn’t seem to be the problem, look at the external things that could be going on with this. You also want to make sure that the internet in your location is actually working. While this can be hard to determine if you’re in a public area, you may be able to ask around and see if other people are having the same problem, then go to management to see if they can correct the issue at hand. If you’re at a private residence, you can go ahead and reset your router to make sure that everything is working as it should be and that you’re getting internet to your home in the first place.

If these don’t work, then there may be something wrong internally, which can cause a lot of issues for you in the long run as well. You may want to get it looked at and see if the wireless adapter and other such things are set up the way that they need to be and that they aren’t broken in any manner. Are you having other problems with your Samsung device? Then you may want to get some help from TWorld ICT (found at We can help you to sort out everything that you may need to explore and we can get your phone working the way that it should be again.

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