Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date, Rumors, And News

Mobile phone aficionados cannot wait for Samsung to drop the Galaxy S7. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge breathed new life into Samsung’s brand with stunning features and design. The world wonders – will Samsung do it again with the S7?

We’ll have to wait and find out, however, as Samsung has officially announced the release date of the S7 as early 2016, a little too late for the holidays, but likely to be worth the wait. Samsung usually unveils its flagship products at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress in March, and is likely to do the same for the Galaxy S7.

In the meantime, we’ve compiled all of the news and updates on the Samsung Galaxy S7.


Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Updates, Rumors, and News

  • Product: Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
  • Release Date: Possibly as early as January 2016, otherwise at MWC in March
  • Expected Cost: The S7 is slated to be one of the most expensive phones of next year

Samsung is rumored to be in talks with Sony to incorporate an IMX300 Xperia Z5 camera sensor. The 23MP screen from Sony is one of the XPeria’s most popular features. It promises to offer the best of both worlds, being a huge update over the Galaxy S6’s 16MP camera.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will both feature a striking new design. The biggest update will be upgraded 8K screens with rounded edges, to make better use of Gear VR. The edges of the crisp 8K screen are pushed to the sides, allowing apps to make the most of the margins. The S6 offered curves, but only as a decoration.

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This sleek new design is a marked improvement over the chunky, blocky design of older Samsung’s.

The Galaxy S7 will also feature innovative dual-retina scanning technology, as a replacement for the more common fingerprint scanners. With the new dual camera, users will only have to pick up their phone to turn it on.

And last but not least, for the music lovers, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will feature upgraded, bass-heavy speakers on both the top and bottom, using Samsung’s patented omni-sound technology.

With all of these new features and upgrades, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge will likely be worth the wait, and whatever ticket price Samsung settles upon.

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