Quick Fixes: Remedies for Samsung Phones That Don’t Charge Properly

Finding out that your phone failed to charge at all before leaving for work in the morning is one of the little things that can really ruin your dig in a big way. You may automatically think that the fault lies in your battery or the charger but your phone. Some Samsung handsets like the Galaxy A8 are known their charging issues. Before you take it to a phone repair shop in Melbourne as a last resort, however, you could try some of these fixes to find out if your phone really is the problem.

Battery Life

Restart Your Phone

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” is probably the most overused line by tech guys. Don’t be so quick to dismiss this as a useless tip; sometimes your phone just needs to restart in order to start working again. For instance, if you have been heavily using your phone while charging it at the same time, the charging might become slower. Try switching the phone off and on again. If it fixes the problem, then you are all set. Next time, try charging with your phone off or on airplane mode to fill up your battery faster.

Update Your OS

Samsung releases operating system updates for Android phones every once in a while. Your phone might not be charging correctly because you missed an update. Compare what version of the Android software you currently have on your phone with the latest release. Go to your “about device” page in settings to check for an update and download it. If your device is a bit older and you have noticed the charging problem after an update, doing the opposite might just do the trick. Rollback your operating system to an earlier, working version of Android. Be warned though, reputable mobile repair companies like Telco World Corp Pty Ltd say that running on older versions are not always recommended.

Go to Professionals

If all else fails and your phone is still not charging properly, there really isn’t anything else left to do than to take it to a professional. It might not be that your phone is the problem but rather the hardware. Do not attempt to take your phone apart for your safety. Unless you have working knowledge about how mobile phone hardware works, do not try to repair it yourself. Be sure to only go to establishments that sepecialise in Samsung phone repairs in Melbourne or anywhere else for best results.

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