Telstra Shop in Melbourne Offers Amazing Deals You Should Not Miss!


Get any of four Telstra perks—from a free phone to as much as $450 in credits—when you switch to a Telstra plan.

Visit a Melbourne Telstra shop today!


Do you want to get more out of your mobile service? Telstra can definitely help you. The largest and most reliable mobile network in Australia released four great offers that would give new and existing customers incredible perks. As an established Telstra shop in Melbourne, TWorld ICT can let you take advantage of these offers.

For a limited time starting September 16, Telstra customers can get their hands on the latest smartphones after just 12 months (no need to wait for 24-month contracts to end for a trade-in!). Your early termination charges will also be waived if you renew your contract within three months before it expires.

You can get more data and more calls with complimentary upgrades to a new plan, so you can stay connected and make the most of the country’s largest 4G coverage area. To top it all, if you’re switching to Telstra, you can receive up to $450 in credits! Can you afford to pass that up?

Only authorised Telstra shops in Melbourne like TWorld ICT can provide these offers. Visit us at 451 South Road, Bentleigh VIC 3204 for these amazing deals you can’t afford to miss!


  • Customers connecting or recontracting to a new Mobile Accelerate $70 or above plans with an eligible device can receive Telstra New Phone Feeling at no additional charge (normally $10/month).
  • Customers who recontract within 90 days of their contract end date will have waived ETCs.
  • New and existing customers taking up a new $70 or above Mobile Accelerate Plan can choose either upgrades:
    • Additional 1GB data to use in Australia per month OR
    • Additional $1000 of call allowance per month (for calls/SMS/MMS to standard Australian numbers to use in Australia)
  • Customers switching to Telstra and signing up for eligible 24-month handset payment and mobile plans can receive up to $450 in credits, including a $200 port-in credit on their Telstra bill and up to $250 paid to their PayPal or bank account for eligible trade-ins.
  • Business customers will have equivalent offers available which will be announced soon.

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