Shift to Affordable Mobile Plans from Telstra in Melbourne and Get $50

Get a $50 in-store gift certificate for every new mobile service worth $60 on a two-year plan.

Mobile plans from Telstra in Melbourne make staying in touch with loved ones easy.


If you think Australia experiences only two seasons—namely, wet and dry—you’re so wrong. During April and May, cities like Melbourne witness a fiery foliage, the focus of the annual Bright Autumn Festival celebrated throughout the state of Victoria for ten days. Autumn symbolizes various things. Essentially, the season signals a new beginning as leaves change from green to wonderful red and orange colours.

When it comes to mobile service, people can also have a new start by signing up for a personal or business mobile service worth $60 or higher under Telstra in Melbourne. Sign up for a 24-month plan and you will get a $50 in-store gift certificate in return. This is for EVERY new mobile service you sign up for!

You can choose from a variety of bundled plans with combinations for SMS, talk, and browsing—all of which can match your lifestyle and budget. If you wish to retain your fixed line, Melbourne Telstra mobile packages include features that allow you to make mobile calls directly from your home phone.

So will you stick with a mobile service with limited features? Or will you turn over a new leaf and get a flexible mobile plan with us? Call 9555-5502 now!


  • Receive a FREE $50 Gift Certificate for EVERY new mobile service worth $60 or higher on a 24-month plan.
  • Customers get a $50 Gift Certificate for each phone number on a qualifying plan.
  • Promo valid from April 1 to May 31, 2014.
  • Not valid with any other offer.

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