Phone Broken? Call TWorld ICT Today!

Phone Broken? Call TWorld ICT Today!

Accidents happen, and unfortunately, they happen to all of us. The worst thing is when accidents happen to our smartphones, and how disconnected we feel without them. At TWorld ICT, we provide services to help fix issues that arise through regular use of our smartphones, or those times when the accidents hit.

While there are a few different ways you can protect your mobile device from different environmental accidents, sometimes broken screens and water damage cannot be avoided. Let’s take a look at some of the most common accidents that befall smartphones, and how TWorld ICT can assist in these repairs.

1.    Water Damage.

We take our phones everywhere (this is going to be a running theme throughout this article!), and that does not exclude the restroom. Even if your phone is tucked securely into a pants pocket or jacket pocket, there’s no stopping that thing from flying out and into the toilet – and, let’s face it, there is nothing worse than watching your phone fly towards the water, and not be able to stop it.

It doesn’t just have to happen in the bathroom, either. If your phone is sitting on a table and a glass of water, wine, or beer is accidentally knocked over, that can cause water damage as well… or the most common – throwing your phone in the wash with the laundry.

What can you do when this happens? Well, not much. Most recently, manufacturers have started providing waterproof options to smart phone devices, but if you’re using an older model, or a brand that is not waterproof, there aren’t a lot of options.

Most manufacturers count water damage as a warrant void, so you can’t even get a replacement through your provider. But fear not, TWorld ICT actually has a 95% success rate for repairing water damaged phones.

2.    Broken screen or phone casing.

Since we carry our phones everywhere, sometimes we decide to put them in our back pockets… and then forget about them. We are quickly reminded when we hear a sickening crunch, or when we hear our phone hit the ground and shatter.

While cases can protect a phone to an extent, some people do not use cases as protection against dropping your device on the cement. This means that the cracks and breaks will still appear on your screen. Not only is this annoying from a visual perspective, but can sometimes be hazardous to any continuous use!

Who wants to run their fingers along broken glass? TWorld ICT will provide you with a quote to fix your broken screen, and will make it look brand new.

3.    Hiking, bike riding, running, etc.

Humans are active beings. We like to get out into the world and experience it through bike rides, hikes, or even runs… and our phone goes with us to track our mileage. This is fantastic, until we trip and fall, causing our phone to bounce away in the brush. Phones have an almost magnetic way of finding the thing that can do the most damage to them the second they leave our hands.

Your earbuds can become tangled around your arm or leg – causing your phone to drop to the ground, and quite possible on a rock or other debris, rendering it useless if it cracks.

Bike riding is another common way that phone devices are broken. Many times, the phone falls out of pocket, backpack, etc. and we don’t even know it until it’s too late. The crunch as the bike rides over our lifeline is sickening, and we can’t do anything to stop it.

4.    Smaller damage.

We’ve been talking about larger ways that a phone can be damaged, but it’s important to remember that damage comes in all shapes and sizes. Scratches happen through every day use, and can be just as annoying to users as a broken screen.

Scratches and dents can easily be prepared, and TWorld ICT is happy to assist.

5.    Children, babies, and toddlers.

Raise your hand if you have little people in your life that like to play with your smart phone. Now raise your hand if your heart stops when those little fingers start randomly poking at the screen. One of the most common causes for phone damage is done at the hands of children. While they aren’t necessarily trying to break the phone, they are also not as careful with the device as we are as adults.

Excessive button pushing, or throwing, dropping, biting (you name it), can cause everything from a few scratches to a full phone malfunction. TWorld ICT is equipped to handle anything a kid can throw at your phone, and will fix it to brand new status.

6.    Jailbreaking.

Many people think they are tech geniuses that can “jailbreak” a phone with little to no consequences.

While jailbreaking (essentially unlocking all of the features of the device) itself isn’t a hard process, the act of jailbreaking the device does two things right away. One, it voids your warranty and prevents any coverage or phone replacement from your provider. Two, it unlocks the potential for major issues with software down the road.

Apps stop working, and even error messages are more likely to pop up, rendering your phone useless.

TWorld ICT can troubleshoot these issues, and even help you repair the software and OS system on your device, bringing you back to the world of an active, fully functional phone.

How to Protect Your Device

While these are just some of the most common ways that smart phones can become damaged, there are many more. However, through some preventative measures, you can work on keeping your phone safe in your hands and fully functional.

1.    Be aware of where you put it.

Most breaks happen when we aren’t aware of the whereabouts of our phone, and are surprised when it comes flying out of our pocket and smashes onto the floor. When you have an idea of where your phone is at all times, it becomes easier to prevent accidental drops into water, gravel, or a hard surface like a table.

2.    Add a case to prevent damage.

A lot of people don’t like to use a phone case because of the added bulk. However, this isn’t an issue for all phone cases. While some do provide what feels like an additional two pounds of coverage to the device, there are phone cases out there that specialize in slim designs, and lightweight materials, all without skimping on protective coverings.

If your job is heavy in manual labor, and your phone is in constant danger of plummeting to the ground, consider a larger case that offers maximum protection. You may also want to add in a screen protector to keep the screen from shattering.

3.    Keep it out of the hands of children.

While it is tempting to allow children to play with your phone on a regular basis, make sure that you are utilizing all features to keep prying fingers from settings. Children have a knack for finding exactly what you DON’T want them to play with, and will somehow manage to delete apps, reset your device to factory settings, or decide that your phone needs a bath.

4.    Do not jailbreak the device.

While this has its pros and cons, jailbreaking can cause more problems than rewards. Instead of jailbreaking a device (if you aren’t 100% certain you can make repairs should something go wrong), research which smart phone is best for your needs, and work with the software and apps that come standard with the device.


Since our phones aren’t going to leave our sides anytime soon, accidents will happen at some point. Hopefully following a few tips and tricks listed above will help you keep your phone in good working order, without any major damage to the device.

However, if damage does happen, remember that TWorld ICT is here to help you with all your mobile phone repairs!

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