Mobile Phone Repairs: What to Avoid When Fixing Water Damaged Devices

Dropped your phone into the toilet or spilled your drink on it? Don’t panic; you can still save your device from irreparable water damage if you act quickly. Before you take your gadget, to a mobile phone repairs expert in Melbourne, there are a few things you can do to minimise the damage. You must, however, be careful in trying to fix up your phone to ensure that it will still work as it should afterwards. Here are some things you should avoid doing at all cost.

Water Damaged Device

Don’t Leave it Wet

It doesn’t matter if you have completely submerged your phone in water or accidentally splashed it, you should never leave it wet for too long. Immediately dry out your phone so the water doesn’t do any more damage. First, wipe it off. Then, try to get water out from the ports and sockets without blowing on them and shaking or tapping the phone. Don’t try to take your phone apart to get to the water that seeped in especially if you don’t want to void the warranty. Some devices like the iPhone don’t have removable protective casings as well which should only be handled by professionals. Gently handle the phone to let the water slowly trickle out.

Don’t Use Heating Tools

Heat should effectively dry your phone right? It will but it will most certainly fry the insides too and make completely unusable. Keep your hair dryer or any sort of heating tools away from your phone. Also, don’t try to stick in in the microwave or leaving it out in the sun to dry. A better alternative to using heat to dry a wet phone is putting it in a bag of moisture-absorbent materials. For instance, the Silica gel that come along with new products or uncooked rice are both excellent at getting water and moisture out of a phone.

Don’t Use Your Phone

Turning on or using your phone while it still has some water left in it will only make things worse. Don’t plug your phone into a power source or your computer. Don’t try to restart it event if you really have to use it. Don’t press any of its buttons or keys as well. Don’t use it in any way at all. What you should do instead is leave it be for professionals from trusted mobile phone repair companies in Melbourne like TWorld ICT Pty. Ltd. to work on.

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