What’s Draining Our Mobile Phone Batteries?

mobile phone repairs melbourneOne of the most common causes for mobile phone repairs, in Melbourne and elsewhere, is decreased battery life. While part of this may be due to age, your mobile phone battery might not be as decrepit as you might think.

A reporter from The Guardian made global news in February, by uninstalling the Facebook app, which increased his battery life, consistently, by up to 20%.

This raises the interesting question: What is draining our mobile phone batteries?

Common Causes For Mobile Phone Battery Drain

    Apps. The most common cause of battery drain is apps. Some Android users have reported being able to get up to four days, on one charge, without apps. There are two reasons for this. The first is apps are constantly looking for a signal, whether wi-fi or cellular. Secondly, many apps phones use lots of battery power, tracking where we are and constantly sending us updates, even when we’re not using them. Setting your phone to Airplane mode will turn off these updates, significantly lengthening your battery life, but can also prevent you from receiving text messages, phone calls, or updated data.

Which Apps Cause The Most Battery Drain?

CBS News ran a feature on which apps cause the most battery drain

According To CBS News, The Biggest Battery Drainers Include:

  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Spotify

These apps constantly monitor your location, so they can advertise businesses in the vicinity, causing a significant drain on your battery’s life expectancy.

What To Do About Battery Draining Apps?

  • Check Your Battery Settings: You can check which apps are using the most energy, by checking the “battery usage” tab, located under “settings”.
  • Close Apps When You’re Not Using Them:You can also save significant amounts of energy by closing apps when they’re not in use, by swiping either left or right.
  • Uninstall Applications You’re Not Using
  • Check For Low Power Options On The Apps You DO Use
  • Replacing worn out batteries?


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