Melbourne iPhone Screen Repair: What to Do When Your Screen Gets Stuck

Every iPhone owner is familiar with the frustration that ensues every time the device hangs. As an iPhone is essentially a compact computer, device crashes make it hard to make a call, send a message, read emails, or finish other time-sensitive tasks. Basic troubleshooting requires you to reset your iPhone, which can mean something as simple as restarting your device.

At times, though, you may have restore its factory settings, which involves deleting most of its content and personalized data. While you can perform this on your own, it would still be best to see your trusted Melbourne iPhone screen repair technician before resorting to such a drastic action. Here are other steps you can take to resolve your phone’s freezing issue:

iPhone screen

  1. Recharge. Recharging your iPhone either by plugging a charger or connecting it to your computer using a charging cord can help unfreeze the screen. If it’s extremely drained of power, the battery icon won’t appear right away; the screen may remain black for as long as 2 minutes. 
  1. Close apps. Letting several unused apps run in the background will not only drain your phone’s power; they can also cause the screen to get stuck. You can access your currently operational apps using the Home button. Once you see your open apps, hold the problem apps until they start wiggling and close them by pressing on the red minus sign.
  1. Delete some files. Freezing may also be caused by a space issue. Even if your iPhone has 32G available, using them all up will cause your phone to lag. Leave an allowance of at least 2GB to minimize instances of freezing in the future.
  1. Update the OS. Running outdated iOS software versions can impede your phone’s performance, particularly if an app is designed for the latest operating system. If your phone isn’t stuck yet, go to Settings>General>Software Update, and then follow the instructions specified. If it’s frozen, plug it into your computer, open iTunes and click “Update” in the summary menu.

If none of the above steps are effective and the following symptoms occur, take your iPhone to a technician right away:

  • You hear sound, vibrations, and alerts, but the screen remains black.
  • The screen is on but it’s unresponsive to slides, taps, and other gestures you make.
  • Your device isn’t recognized in iTunes.
  • You can’t force restart because the Home button is stuck or broken.

Consider restoring only as your last resort. There’s a good chance your data can still be saved if you take your device first to technicians that perform iPhone screen repairs, such as those working with established Melbourne service providers like TWorld ICT.

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