Apple’s Liam Robot Is Harvesting Precious Metals From Recycled iPhones

iPhone 6 repair MelbourneThere’s been a growing cause for concern and criticism, regarding the amount of precious metals used in mobile phones and devices. In fact, one ton of recycled iPhones yield more precious metals than a ton of ore from some of the Earth’s most valuable precious metal deposits.

This extreme consumption is just going to increase, as Apple and other tech giants roll out new technologies at increasing speeds. The global e-waste market is projected to become a $5.04 billion industry, by 2020, with 1/3 of the discarded mobiles coming from the United States and China.

That’s a lot of discarded ore!

While Apple has been working hand-in-hand with 3rd party iPhone recyclers, they’ve decided to take matters into one robotic hand, with the introduction of the Liam Robot.

h1>Introducing Liam, The Recycling Robot

Developed over the span of three years, Liam is focusing on salvaging precious metals from iPhone 6’s. The automaton will remove Lithium and Cobalt from the batteries, mine copper and gold from the camera, and strip silver and platinum from the motherboard.

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Liam is made up of different modules, that can deconstruct an iPhone 6 in 11 seconds. The Liam Robot will only be able to recycle a few million handsets a year, however, but Apple are working on installing a second unit in Europe, to double the recycling capacity.

This is just another step in Apple’s sustainability efforts. As of 2013, all of Apple’s data centers have been operating entirely on renewable energy, with 93% of their overall consumption coming from renewable sources.

Considering the amount of precious metals that go into an iPhone 6, it’s just one more great reason to repair your iPhone 6 in Melbourne, rather than buying a whole brand-new device.

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