Is Mobile VR Worth It?

Is Mobile VR Worth It?

We’ve seen plenty of hype around virtual reality and its various forms. Now that the public has become more familiar with VR, it seems that our smartphones are poised to become the primary way this new media is consumed. After all, mobile devices are ubiquitous and a basic part of our daily lives. We use them for just about everything that we happen to do. Many people have had their reservations regarding the quality of mobile VR and the capabilities of mobile devices. Fortunately, these concerns are no longer an issue now that developers have a fuller grasp of what virtual reality apps need. There are things you need to become more familiar with to fully appreciate mobile VR, but just about any smartphone can handle the apps. You’ll want to make sure you check out the headset you’re buying and not every phone is going to allow you to use every app. Regardless, the time for mobile VR is finally here.

1. Why Virtual Reality Is Perfect For Your Phone

Mobile VR started out as something of a gimmick with most apps being focused on simple but amusing tricks. You can now use mobile VR to watch movies, play games, and even write code thanks to certain headset display systems. The variety out there means you’ll find something that appeals to you no matter what you are looking for. You’re going to come away with something satisfying and maybe even pick up something you didn’t even think you would want. The idea of a VR aquarium may not sound exciting right now, but wait until you actually try it out before you dismiss it.

The most obvious reason most people decide to try mobile VR is the gaming experience. Movies have sold virtual reality as the ultimate in interactive entertainment. A portal into a new world alien to anything we’ve ever seen before. Although it’s going to take some time to get used to the experience, you’ll probably come away from mobile VR feeling very satisfied with playing mobile VR games. Mobile VR tends to lend itself to certain genres more than others, so don’t expect to play too many platformers or side-scrollers. First person shooters and racing games are extremely abundant among mobile VR selections, however.

One of the most surprising pleasures of mobile VR is the movie experience. You can experience movies as if you are actually in the scene and the characters appear as if they are actually standing next to you. The experience of watching a movie in VR makes it seem as if you have actually visited the scene itself. This experience is so powerful that many people actually “believe” they have explored the places in the movie. It creates a sense of false memories because of the up close and personal nature of the whole thing. With so many streaming apps out there it’s the perfect time to try this out for yourself. Even watching a typical viral video can feel completely different in VR. Hardly anyone comes from it without feeling completely satisfied.

2.What You Need To Know

One of the obvious concerns people have for mobile VR is the power of smartphones. We know that the strength of a typical smartphone is nowhere near what a modern PC can offer you. There’s going to be differences between the experience that you have with a VR app versus what you might get at home, but it isn’t too much of a difference to stop you from enjoying everything. You’ll certainly want to find a phone that better fits what you desire from your VR experience. If you want to watch HD movies or play games with high res graphics, you’ll want to pick something that can deliver that experience. Even on a relatively weak phone, you can enjoy mobile VR.

The most fascinating use of mobile VR is in its more serious utilities. There are already people using VR to communicate and work thanks to a variety of apps. Some apps allow you to use the VR headset for video chats and texting. It’s just as easy to use in VR as it would be in a more traditional phone format. You can even use VR to write code and develop software. These special apps, called virtual desktop, allow you to use VR the same way you would use your traditional desktop. It shows VR isn’t a radical departure from the norm and it brings smartphones yet another step towards becoming the only thing we’ll ever need for all our computing needs. The VR screen is wide and perfectly fit for just about anyone’s needs.

3. Enjoying The Experience

When you consider everything that mobile VR provides, it’s obvious it’s time to check it out. It takes time to get used to the experience, but it isn’t too nauseating. You’ll find that the issues that are often experienced by many people are easy to overcome if you practice using mobile VR. The sensations the VR experience brings become routine and even the most complicated VR becomes comfortable. Virtual reality is here to stay, and it will only become much more common as more developers decide to adopt the media form for their products or services.

Virtual reality is an experience that takes us away from the world around us, so it’s natural to have concerns about using it in a public area. Early mobile VR users probably did feel embarrassed when they want outside and had their headsets on, but there have been serious improvements in the design of mobile headsets. Augmented reality, an experience that overlays virtual reality onto the real world, is taking off and it’s improved the quality of public VR considerably. You’ll be able to see the world around you and what’s going on, but you’ll also interact with virtual objects. We already know AR games can work perfectly fine on a mobile device, and there are now examples of games using mobile VR headsets to great effect.

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