The iPhone SE Is Using Parts From 4 Generations Of iPhone

iPhone SE iPhone 5 repairs MelbourneThe iPhone SE is the talk of the town, as the newest, shiniest iPhone on the market. It’s widely known, at this point, that the iPhone SE is an iPhone 6S inside an iPhone 5S body. Opening up the hood, however, reveals a more complicated story.

The iPhone SE, in fact, draws upon four generations of iPhones for its innovative new design.

The website Chipworks opened up a brand new iPhone SE to get a glimpse of the inner workings. They published a labeled diagram, revealing some startling results.

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A Breakdown Of The iPhone SE

Other than the body, the iPhone SE is drawing upon two iterations of the iPhone 5. Apple’s new device uses the iPhone 5’s 12-megapixel rear/1.2-megapixel forward selfie camera, as well as the touchscreen controller, which dates all the way back to the iPhone 5s. The iPhone SE shoots up to 4K videos, as wel.

From the iPhone 6s, the iPhone SE borrows the SK Hynix-made LPDDR4 2GB memory, as well as the NFC Bluetooth technology, audio chips and motion sensor. The internal storage seems to come from the iPhone 6s as well, but a 19nm is slated to replace the 15nm unit currently being used.

Most importantly, the iPhone SE is using the iPhone 6s’ A9 chip, one of the most powerful and versatile microprocessors on the planet. The Apple A9 chipset offers up to 70% more CPU power than the previous chipset, the A8, as well as up to 90% more graphics capability.

The Qualcomm modem is from the original iPhone 6.

Apple seems to be living up to its promise of reinventing a beloved design from the inside out. This is big news, indeed, for people looking for high-power mobile computing, but are reluctant towards the more phablet-like cell phone design.

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