How To Tell If Your iPhone 5 Is Water Damaged

iPhone 5 repair water damageHas your iPhone 5 recently taken a tumble into a full tumbler? Or maybe you dropped your iPhone 5 in the toilet or bath. Don’t be embarrassed! You’re not alone.

In fact, water damage is the #1 most common cause for iPhone 5 repairs. Considering that the iPhone repair industry generated $40 billion, annually, that’s a lot of broken, damaged, and submerged phones!

So if your iPhone 5 has recently gotten wet, whether fully submerged or mildly damp, and has been acting weird ever since, here’s some steps to tell if your iPhone 5 is water damaged and needs to be repaired.

How To Tell If Your iPhone 5 Suffered Water Damage

No matter how tough and durable Apple makes their products, they’re still electronic devices. If your iPhone isn’t sealed in a fully-waterproofed protective case – and sometimes even when it is – it’s all too easy for an iPhone 5 to sustain water damage.

It’s important to determine if your phone is suffering from water damage, or some other ailment, as Apple’s warranties do not cover moisture damage.

  • Check The Liquid Contact Indicators

Every iPhone comes with a liquid contact indicator, to let Apple repair technicians know when a phone has suffered from moisture damage. The good news is – it’s easy to tell when an iPhone has suffered some sort of water damage. The bad news being – it’s pretty much impossible to pull the wool over Apple’s eyes, if you’re trying to get Apple to repair water damage under warranty.

The exact location of the liquid indicator is different from model to model. On the iPhone 5/5C/5S, the liquid damage indicator on the inside of the nano SIM card reader on the phone’s right side. To see if your phone has sustained water damage, you’ll need a flashlight, to get a good, clear look.

If the liquid damage indicator is red or pink, that indicates the phone has sustained water damage, and likely will need to be repaired. If the indicator is still white, no liquid damage has occurred, and something else is the matter with your iPhone 5.

Some Common Signs Of Water Damage Include:

  • Start-up issues: Difficulty turning on; Restarts immediately after powering up; or just the getting the Apple Logo white screen
  • Hardware malfunction: Speakers stop working; Microphone cutting out; Phone overheating
  • Warning Messages: Such as “This accessory is not made to work with iPhone” or “Charging is not supported with this accessory.”
  • Software Issues: Safari, email and other programs and apps opening and shutting down mysteriously.

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