Uncooked Rice Doesn’t Work, so Trust Only Mobile Phone Repair Services

No one wants to find his smartphone lying in a dirty puddle of water or, worse, on the toilet. We all know that this could happen, though, especially if you’ve been particularly careless or clumsy in handling your phone. If you find yourself in this unlucky situation, you might panic and turn to the legendary powers of uncooked rice to help your phone turn on again.


Okay, so uncooked rice does expand when soaked in water so it’s likely absorbing the water around it. Sounds plausible. Rice may be effective in absorbing excess liquid from your phone, but can it totally make your phone dry? Could it bring your phone back to normal? Let’s look at this little experiment done in the U.S.

Uncooked Rice vs. Other Drying Agents

The experiment pitted uncooked white rice against other drying agents found at home, such as instant oatmeal, instant couscous, and silica gel. It used different sponges soaked in water, with wax paper placed on top along with the drying agents. These sponges were weighed once again after 24 hours to see how much weight was lost. The result? Uncooked rice placed dead last among the four drying agents.

A second round of the experiment followed the same method, this time using a few iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3 models. Most of the drying agents, including silica gel, instant oatmeal, and rolled oats, were able to restore the power of each device in full, but uncooked rice was only able to partially recover the iPhone.

Science Explains

The two experiments showed that instant products, like couscous and oats, performed better in drying out mobile phones than uncooked rice, and science explains why. Both the instant products were steamed in the preparation stage, and the process cracked the starch. Starch is an ingredient known for its absorbent properties; thus, it’s able to take in more water.

Uncooked rice, on the other hand, is a grain that still has layers it got from being a seed. Seeds, by nature, can only absorb a limited amount of water for it to develop into a plant. Absorbing too much water could render these seeds useless. So, going back to your phone, the sad truth is if your device isn’t brought to an expert on mobile phone repairs as soon as possible, it may end up damaged beyond repair.

Is There Hope?

Whilst most people believe water-damaged phones are already hopeless cases, mobile phone repair companies, like TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd near Melbourne, can do wonders for your damaged phone. As long as you bring in your phone promptly after it has been accidentally submerged in water, there is hope for your device.


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