Trust iPhone Repair Experts to Get to the Root of Your Battery Woes

Several factors can account for why an iPhone’s battery simply refuses to charge. By that time, you typically have no choice but to bring it to someone who is trained in iPhone repairs, in Melbourne or elsewhere, as well as battery replacement (since an iPhone’s battery can’t be replaced by an average user). Before your battery gets replaced, here are some steps that can be taken to try and sort the problem out.


First, you may be dealing with a relatively simple (though easily overlooked) problem: a dirty Lightning Port. A good amount of dirt, lint, and other debris can accumulate inside the port and prevent the contacts from connecting perfectly. Any small tool, e.g. a toothpick or the sim card remover which came with your phone, may serve as a makeshift lint remover. With the tool in hand, carefully scoop the dirt up out of the port. This is where a softer tool such as a toothpick would fare better, as it is less likely to scratch the contacts badly.

If that doesn’t work, the problem could be attributed to a software issue, more specifically a crash. Many iPhone owners have visited local repair shops complaining that their screens stay black despite having interchanged cables, plugged and re-plugged chargers into different sockets, and the like. Oftentimes, though, a technician from firms such as TWorld ICT Corp. Pty., Ltd. would suggest holding both the home and power buttons together long enough to trigger a soft reset. The rationale is that the software has crashed and is therefore unable to “order” the phone to begin charging.

If that iPhone hack fails as well, the issue may have to do with charging at the wrong place. The iPhone is the sort of device that requires much power, which necessitates charging using high-speed USB ports on either a manufacturer-included USB power adapter or a computer’s ports. Given this fact, the phone is unlikely to charge through older USB ports.

Finally, you might be dealing with a damaged charger cable that went bad either from neglect or a factory defect. Either way, such a component requires a replacement and can’t possibly be repaired. To test this possibility, you can test the cable on another iOS device and see if everything clicks. At any rate, you can visit a trusted iPhone repair centre for accurate diagnosis and expert recommendations.


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