Troubleshooting Melbourne Samsung Phones: Dealing with Buggy Apps

Melbourne Samsung smartphones are oftentimes the go-to option for people on the go, but what many neglect to consider though, is the fact that their phones could sometimes be overloaded with junk, so much so that they end up with a slow processor and buggy apps. Thankfully when this happens to you, there are a few steps that you can do to troubleshoot your mobile phone and get it back to working order.

how to manage and repair your android apps

Check Memory

Sometimes, having insufficient memory in your system could cause some of your applications to fail or crash, so you might want to start your troubleshooting here. Bring down the notification shade, open the settings menu and tap the ‘storage’ icon. This should bring you to a list that details how much storage space you currently have.

Use an SD Card

If you do have a problem with insufficient storage, you could either delete some files or move them to an external storage device, which for your Samsung phone would mean an SD card. Know that newer models running on Android Jelly Bean or Ice Cream Sandwich might not allow you to install apps in an SD card, though, so you might have little choice but to uninstall unused apps.

Clearing Caches

An article from Tech Hive advises on something that you could do as a desperate attempt to put your droid back into use:

“If your Android device won’t boot properly or is otherwise unusable, clearing the device’s cache partition or restoring it to factory defaults may be your only option. Android-based smartphones and tablets usually come with a built-in recovery tool that you can use to perform some maintenance operations or to restore the device’s software to like-new condition.”

When All Else Fails

Your last resort should be to restore your phone to default factory settings – but remember that it comes with the ultimate price of having most, if not all of your apps and files removed. Of course, you can also have your phone checked by reliable professionals. Companies that do efficient phone repairs in Melbourne, such as TWorld ICT, should be able to help you.

As a precaution, you might want to avoid nonchalantly downloading apps to the point that your system bogs down and eventually crashes. The best tip on maximizing your user experience and satisfaction is to know how to manage the applications that you put into your Android smartphone.

(Source: How to manage and repair your Android apps, Tech Hive)

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