Three of the Most Common Reasons for iPhone Screen Repair in Melbourne

Despite tight competition from rivals like Samsung, the iPhone remains the crown jewel of the house that Steve Jobs built, making up almost half of the tech giant’s Q4 2013 earnings. But you probably already knew that. What you might not know is that iPhone repairs have become a billion-dollar industry in its own right. According to, Americans alone have spent almost $6 billion on various repairs for their beloved smartphone:

iPhone Repairs

“[…] just how much do we spend on iPhone repairs? A new study from SquareTrade gives us the answer to that question, and it’s safe to say the amount we’ve spent on iPhone repairs is staggering.

Since the release of the first iPhone back in 2007, Americans have spent $5.9 billion dollars on iPhone repairs. SquareTrade’s infographic breaks that number down for us nicely, saying that figure is $100 million more than Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will spend on their presidential campaigns combined. That $5.9 billion figure is 29 times more than we spend on contraceptives each year, and it’s twice the amount Americans spend on toilet paper each year as well.”

SquareTrade further notes that the leading cause for repairs was dropping the iPhone, something that often results in a damaged screen. While similar reports aren’t available for the Australian market, it’s reasonable to conclude that the 3 million iPhone-totting Aussies are familiar with this problem and have a cracked screen to show for it. However, an ill-fated drop isn’t the only reason to get iPhone screen repair in Melbourne.

Accidentally Sitting on It

There used to be a time when cell phones were large as bricks; nowadays, you can easily slip one into your jeans pocket without a hitch—until you sit down and hear the sound of your screen shattering.

Playful Kids and Pets

Pets are naturally curious and might mistake your iPhone for a flashy chew toy. Kids can be culprits too, because their hands are not too steady and they might accidentally drop the phone screen first and damage it.

Lights Out

Is your phone still dim even after you’ve maxed out the brightness setting? Then you might be dealing with screen failure. If your handset is still covered by the warranty, Apple will gladly replace it; if not, it’s off to the repair shop for you.

Of course, going to any shop won’t do; make sure to work only with trusted companies like TWorld ICT, which you can absolutely rely on for iPhone screen repair, and even iPhone 4 screen replacement in Melbourne.

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