Things to Remember When Samsung Phone Gets Water Damaged in Melbourne

One of the scariest scenarios when it comes to your mobile phone is, when it accidentally gets water damaged. Water is the universal enemy of electrical devices. To help you with what to do when water damages your Samsung in Melbourne, talks about some ways to revive your cell phone or electronic devices from water damage that you may like to try.

Things to Remember When Samsung Phone Gets Water Damaged in Melbourne

  1. It is important to get the battery out to increase the chance of your phone’s survival
  2. Get a container that is a bit larger than your phone that can hold liquid.
  3. Take off the battery covers and other compartments to expose all areas of the device that may have gotten wet.
  4. Submerge the device in the container filled with Alcohol for five minutes. The reason for this is that alcohol displaces the water in your phone. Slightly shake the container to ensure that the alcohol drives the water droplets out of the phone. To keep your device submerged, place a weight on it.
  5. After this process, bring the phone out of the container, place it in a dry place, and leave it for one or two hours there. Eventually, the alcohol will evaporate, but be sure that it is dry.
  6. Reassemble your phone.

If this does not work the first time, you may do it again. It’s probably best that you don’t do this yourself, but rather use a company such as TWorld ICT. They provide professional services for Samsung Phone repairs in Melbourne. They also offer repair services for other mobile devices.

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