Take Your Pick: 5 Ways for Quality iPhone Screen Repair in Melbourne

No iPhone owner wants an unfortunate event where their precious mobile devices shatter and break down in front of their eyes. It’s a tough problem to handle, but it’s not hopeless. An article from MakeUseOf.com shares these alternatives for reliable iPhone screen repair in Melbourne:

Take Your Pick - 5 Ways for Quality iPhone Screen Repair in Melbourne


All Apple products, including iPhones, receive a year’s worth of hardware coverage with 90 days of complimentary support. With AppleCare+, extend your warranty to two years and insure your iPhone from mishaps. Though beneficial, the company limits screen replacements to twice and charges you $49 per service transaction.

Get Apple to “Repair” It

When you don’t have AppleCare but you’re still within the warranty period, you can bring your phone to Apple to get service support from their technicians. Screen replacements can cost you up to AU$280, supposing that the other parts are in good working condition. If not, a refurbished model is underway.

Pay Someone Else To Do It

There are numerous smartphone repair technicians trained and familiar with iPhone screen repairs in Melbourne. You can seek assistance from these knowledgeable experts who can help you restore your device to good working condition again. Always use official Apple replacement components.

Do It Yourself

If you have the time and complete confidence in your skills, you can take the risk of voiding any warranties you may still have and open up your mobile device. Several websites can help you navigate through the tricky parts, but you’ll still need to replace the glass, digitiser, and the LCD.

Consider Gadget Insurance

There are various insurers available online that can cover events of loss, theft, and even damage. Mobile carriers usually offer insurance to their users to protect them from costly replacements or repairs. Before you decided to get an insurance plan, ponder on how much you’re willing to pay monthly, and how long you can go without your phone.

Each option has its pros and cons, so always consider what will work the best for you and hope that you won’t break your screen again.

(Article Source: iPhone Screen Broken? Here Are Your Repair Options, MakeUseOf.com, 24 May 2013)

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