Smartphone Invasion Signals Greater Need for Melbourne Phone Repairs

Of all modern gadgets in use today, few can match the sheer versatility and sophistication of smartphones. In response to public clamour for faster and more powerful mobile devices, smartphone manufacturers continue to outdo each other when it comes to enhancing mobile operating systems, features, and apps. It is, thus, not entirely surprising that a lot of people now prefer to use their smartphones rather than desktop or even laptop computers for everyday mobile browsing, business communication, and a whole host of other functions.

apple samsung and htc dominate australian smartphone market

Ian Mansfield’s article for takes a look at current trends in the Australian smartphone market:

“With the size of the smartphone market more than tripling in the past three years, all three handset manufacturers have recorded solid growth in raw numbers: since 2011, Apple has gained around 3.8 million users, Samsung 2.9 million and HTC almost 900,000.

When broken down by Technology Adoption Segments, among smartphone owners, both Early Adopters and Professional Mainstream are more likely than the average owner to use an iPhone — 15% and 13% more likely respectively.

Samsung has made inroads with Traditionalists and Technophobes, who are 13% and 5% respectively more likely than the average smartphone owner to use a Samsung. This is reflected in Samsung being the only of these three brands to gain market share in the past year.”

Behind the increasing popularity of smartphones lies a slightly ignored fact: the risk of breakability and handling complexity. For instance, actual tests conducted by Square Trade Breakability Score reveal that the iPhone 5s has proven more susceptible to breakage than its predecessor, the iPhone 5. Even the latest models of Samsung in Melbourne have their share of drawbacks in terms of battery life and related issues.

Given the increasing number of Australians who have become attached to their smartphones, it should come as no surprise that mobile phone hardware issues like screen breakage and water damage are on the rise as well. Fortunately, mobile phone experts like TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd offer quality phone repairs in Melbourne with quick turnaround times. Consequently, smartphone owners do not necessarily need to spend on brand-new phones when they can turn to expert technicians who can restore their damaged phones to good working condition.

(Source: Apple, Samsung and HTC Dominate Australian Smartphone Market,, 17 April 2014)

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