Shattered Screen? Try Melbourne iPhone Screen Repair Option First

It’s the quintessential “First World Problem.” A shattered iPhone screen has left many an owner of the iconic smartphone in despair, scrambling for ways to save their treasured gizmo. Ever since it has become an extension of people’s lives, the iPhone has literally gone to places where it has become susceptible to a wide array of screen-shattering truths.

The risk for damage increases when the device is without a protective case or skin, vulnerable to being accidentally dropped or flung. In the event that you inadvertently shatter your iPhone’s screen, fret not. There are various options for urgent iPhone screen repair in Melbourne alone; you just have to know how and where to find them.

Manufacturer and/or dealer warranty – As a legitimate owner of an Apple device, you’re entitled to the benefits of the AppleCare Protection Plan, which entitles your device to one year of hardware repair coverage through the limited warranty policy. If your phone is under standard warranty, however, be reminded that the coverage would not likely include accidental damage, that is, damage due to your carelessness.

Third-party repair service – Besides Apple and its authorized resellers, you can also tap local service centers like TWorld ICT Corp Pty, Ltd. to repair your shattered screen for a fee. Repair rates may vary, and something like a full iPhone 4 screen replacement in Melbourne may or may not cost more than other services.

DIY – If you’re skilled enough and handy with electronics, you can opt to fix your phone yourself. This is a rather tricky affair as you risk voiding your warranty, and the success of your attempt lies in how you wield the tools at your disposal. Self-repair can either be a drag or breeze, depending solely on what’s wrong with your phone, and your skill level. Some models, say, a shattered iPhone 5 screen, may be easier to repair than others, although its replacement parts are still relatively pricey.

Upgrade – There’s one last resort if you want to minimize having to deal with a shattered screen down the line: Upgrade. If you’ve had your phone for more than two years, you can simply upgrade to a newer model and shop at reputable mobile phone sales stores, such as TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd. You may even take advantage of a discounted price, if you’re lucky.


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