Samsung S5 Phones in Melbourne: Remarkable Features, Common Issues

With a bigger display and cool features, the Samsung Galaxy S5 brings in a whole new mobile experience for all types of users. As one of the newer smartphone releases, the Galaxy model never falls short in design with a sleek profile and perforated patterns.


The Samsung phone’s new 5.1-inch HD AMOLED display aims to deliver the perfect viewing experience with more vivid, brighter colours that easily adapt to various light conditions. This means that you will see it dim a little if you’re in a dark place and brighten up when you’re under the sun. Since screen brightness is a large consumer of battery power, this technology is convenient in preserving or extending your battery life.

S5 Notable Features

Samsung phone owners in Melbourne mostly delight in the advanced technology of S5’s camera. Turning on its HDR settings whilst taking the shot gives you clear and vivid videos and photos even if the subject is within a low-light environment. Compared to previous models, the S5 boasts of faster Auto-Focus to capture quick movements, and a Selective Focus tool that enables you to highlight your main subject by blurring the background.

In its bid to promote healthy living, the S5 is also equipped with a built-in heart rate sensor and a fitness tracker to help users achieve their health goals. In terms of durability, the new model is IP67-certified, which means it’s highly resistant to sand, dust, liquid, sweat and rain.

Furthermore, its Ultra Power Saving Mode works like an emergency power-saver that shuts down all unimportant apps and darkens your screen when power is low, to significantly reduce consumption and allow the phone to remain on.

S5 Common Issues

Even with these advanced components, the smartphone may get damaged over time, as with all other electronic devices. It’s important to be aware of these issues and of the basic Samsung phone repairs that you or a professional repair company could do.

As much as the camera offers remarkable opportunities, it is one of the troublesome components that may crash. Battery drains and other battery-related concerns during usage are also inevitable now in all Samsung devices. The worst problems, of course, are water damage and overheating.

When basic troubleshooting techniques don’t work, immediately go to a local Samsung mobile phone repair shop, like TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd, to fix your device. A long-time store may even give you a free 90-day warranty which other low-priced dealers may not offer.


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