Need the New Samsung Galaxy S6 in Melbourne? Check Out a Telstra Shop

Many consumers consider smartphones an essential everyday gadget. It speedily connects them to the rest of the world at their own convenience, and it is becoming quite difficult to imagine how life used to be before the advent of these devices. Across a diverse range of users, smartphones have helped to make life in the 21st century a more enjoyable experience.


In keeping up with the current demand, smartphone manufacturers, like Apple, HTC and Samsung, continue to roll out new and improved phones yearly. One of the leading devices in the market this year is the Galaxy S6 from telecoms giant, Samsung.

The Galaxy S6 was a complete overhaul from its long line of predecessors in the S-Line. It bade farewell to the plastic body, gave up the memory card slot and also eliminated the removable battery feature. While this may upset some hard core Samsung fans, the S6 actually offers a lot in exchange to make up for these seeming setbacks. Instead of the usual plastic body, it is now ensconced in a more durable metal body, giving it a classier look. Also, to compensate for the removable memory, the S6 features an immense 32/64/128 GB of built-in storage.

Along with other nifty features, like a more powerful processor, wireless charging and super quality display, the Samsung S6 is the perfect companion for individuals and business persons alike.

To acquire this gadget for yourself, you could check out Telstra shops in Melbourne, which offer a wide variety of Samsung Galaxy phones, and you’re more likely to land yourself a good deal with them than other stores. For instance, when buying a mobile in their shop, you also get the chance to choose from their extensive mobile plans at affordable prices. So when you step out of the store, your Galaxy phone is good to go as soon as it leaves the pack.

Telstra also has a couple of partner stores across Melbourne like Telco World PTY, which offer the same exceptional services and products. So if a Telstra outlet is too far from you, simply pick a nearby reseller store and enjoy your shopping.

If you are unable to get to a Telstra shop, you can simply browse their website and select your phone of choice. Buying your mobile online comes with some advantages, like free delivery and secure online transaction, and, if you live in the metro, you get your phone the next business day. It is the safe and convenient way to purchase your Samsung S6.



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