Nagging Issues on your S6? A Melbourne Samsung Repair Shop Can Help

Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone is its direct answer to Apple’s iPhone 6, and so far, it has lived up to the billing. However, there have been numerous reports from owners of the S6 and its Edge variation, claiming that the device has yet to address some issues.

Nagging Issues on your S6 A Melbourne Samsung Repair Shop Can Help

These issues have reportedly plagued earlier versions of the model (i.e. poor battery life and wi-fi concerns), though several problems are more specific to the S6 itself. Here are a few of the most common, along with simple fixes.

Poor Battery Life – The S6 has a non-removable battery, which means that solving battery issues isn’t as simple as taking it out and putting it back in. The first logical step you can take is to find the apps which eat up your battery and stop them, whether they’re third-party or stock.

Restarting the phone may also help, which you can do by simply holding down the power key to turn it off and back on again. And if both methods don’t work, your last resort would be a Melbourne Samsung repair specialist from reliable mobile repair and service firms like TWorld ICT Pty, Ltd. That non-removable battery is more than enough reason to hire a pro.

Slow Wi-Fi – S6 users have also complained of slow speeds when browsing Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other websites. Normally, slow browsing speeds is directly caused by a defect in your home modem, but if it isn’t, then you try other fixes. You can choose to “factory reset” your phone, reset your modem/router, “forget” your Wi-Fi network and reconnect, or change your modem/router’s bandwidth settings (for advanced users). And if things get worse, you have professional Samsung phone repairs in Melbourne as a viable option.

Screen Auto-Rotate Issues – If you own the S6 Edge, you might be in for an “auto-rotate” issue with your phone’s screen. Various Edge owners have reported the auto-rotate function getting stuck after only a few hours of usage. As of now, this issue is still being addressed. All you may do for now is try the same troubleshooting methods listed above (factory reset, turn on/off, etc.) or exchange your phone for a new, problem -free unit via your local retailer.

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